John A. Ouchterlony, M.D.

  • Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, 1885-1906

John A. Ouchterlony, M.D.
John Ouchterlony, M.D.
John A. Ouchterlony was born in Sweden and immigrated to the United States by himself in 1857.

He studied medicine in New York City, earning his MD from the University of New York in 1860 or 1861.

In 1862 he joined the United States Army as a surgeon and was working at a hospital in Louisville. He was a gifted teacher and organized a private class in 1863 and taught at the University of Louisville beginning in 1864.

In 1869 he became physician to City Hospital and helped found the Louisville Medical College. He then taught and was dean at the Kentucky School of Medicine.

He rejoined the faculty at the University of Louisville in 1882 as chairman of materia medica, therapeutics and clinical medicine.

He may have then taken the chair of obstetrics and the diseases of women and children, and in 1885 he took the chair of principle and practice of medicine and clinical medicine which he held until his death.

He was president of the Kentucky Medical Society and vice-president of the American Medical Association and was knighted by King Oskar of Sweden and by Pope Leo XII.

- Written by Daryll Anderson