Office of the Dean

Office of the Dean

Message from the Dean

What a difference two years makes! We have worked diligently to reform our preclinical curriculum from a discipline-based model to an integrated model with more active learning and engaged pedagogies. We have transformed our governance and organizational structure, completed a major renovation of our instructional building, implemented new educational technologies, and in October, we received confirmation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) that the Committee has voted to lift our probationary status and our school is in compliance with all LCME accreditation standards! This is the outcome we hoped for and expected and we are very pleased with the news. We continue our efforts to assure ongoing success.

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Responsibilities of the Dean

The Dean of the School of Medicine is responsible for preparing and administering the budget of the School of Medicine, developing and maintaining good relationships with students/trainees, faculty, staff and alumni, fostering professionalism, diversity and a positive work/learning environment in the SOM.

Contact Information

Office of the Dean
School of Medicine
Abell Administration Building
323 E. Chestnut St.
Louisville, KY 40292
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Curriculum Vitae of Toni Ganzel [PDF]