Mission / Goals / Principles

Culinary Medicine Elective – “Eat 2B Well”

Mission / Goals / Principles



The “Eat 2B Well” Culinary Medicine Program at the University of Louisville will teach medical students about healthy food choices and food preparation techniques, to build skills for promoting dietary change among patients, and to improve students’ own nutritional intakes.



-Medical student participants will become more conscious of and enthusiastic about the connection between food and health.

-Hands-on experience with foods and food preparation will prepare medical students to be more skilled at providing healthy eating advice to patients of all socio-economic groups and food cultures.

-Medical students will themselves eat healthier as a result of this experience.


Guiding Principles

1. Our understanding of the optimal diet is constantly changing.

  • Therefore, content will be based on evidence-based principles of nutrition and health.
  • The Mediterranean diet, which currently has the most empirical support for long-term health, will be the basis of food choices and preparation methods in the curriculum. 
  • Calorie-cutting strategies will be included throughout the class as appropriate. Use of herbs, spices, and other flavorings will be used throughout the course to minimize use of salt.

2. Individuals with low socio-economic status are at greater risk for chronic disease associated with poor nutrition. To enable students to excel at promoting healthy eating among this population, this class will:

  • Primarily use foods available in grocery stores or accessible markets in Western Louisville.
  • Use foods that are readily available in most communities, easy to obtain, in accordance with moderate   to thrifty USDA meal plan guidelines.
  • Include foods that are culturally appropriate for groups at risk for nutrition-related chronic disease.
  • Foods will be relatively easy to prepare, requiring kitchen equipment that is readily available in low-income homes.


 Diana Pantalos, PhD  9/5/2017