Course Schedule and Instructors

DayClass TopicChefsFacultyDietitians /NutritionistContent
Wednesday, September 20Orientation to Class and Kitchen
Lorita Rowlett
Fresh Stop Market

Suzanne King

Phillip Bressoud

Diana Pantalos
University of Louisville, School of Medicine
  • Orientation
  • Food and cultural sensitivity
  • Food safety, foodborne illness
  • Use of basic kitchen tools
Wednesday, September 27Vegetables - 1, Fats
Kathy Douglas
Fresh Chef Experience
Kara Schmidt
Jessica Walker
Veterans Administration
  • Local nutrition-related health issues /social determinants of health
  • Healthy diet patterns for disease prevention
  • Cooked vegetables
  • Fats and oils
Wednesday, October 4Vegetables - 2, Fruits
Eneitra Beattie
Brown-Forman Corporation Bourbon Street Cafe
Kerri Remmel
Andrea Doughty
Louisville Metro Health
  • Local and state food landscape, urban and rural food intake patterns
  • Diabetes
  • Fresh vegetables, fruits
  • Water and oil emulsions 
Wednesday, October 11Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds; Sodium; Lunch
Gabe Sowder
Wiltshire Bakery
Erica Sutton
Lindsey Brantley
Baptist Hospital
  • Legumes in world food cultures, nutritional properties
  • Sodium and hypertension
  • Food flavor alternatives to salt  
  • Food preparation with legumes, nuts and seeds 
Wednesday, November 1Grains and Breakfast Foods
Anoosh Shariat
Anoosh Bistro
Noosh Nosh
Jeffrey Callen
Elisa Graham
Jewish Hospital
Susan Wilson
University of Louisville Physicians
  • Grains in food cultures – old and new
  • Food labels and ingredient lists, whole grains, fortification vs enrichment
  • Fiber, grain anatomy, grain varieties
  • Grain cookery, leavening
Tuesday, November 7Eggs and Fish, Quick Meals
Bobby Benjamin
Butchertown Grocery
George Pantalos
Karen Newton
University of Louisville, Health Promotion
  • Challenges of low income and limited food preparation facilities
  • Cholesterol and heart disease, omega-3 fatty acids
  • Egg preparation and safety, fish preparation and safety
  • Meal planning with limited resources and food access
Tuesday, November 14Food Sources of Calcium, Dairy, and Substitutes
Andrea Wells
Farm to Baby Louisville
Bobby Benjamin
Butchertown Grocery
Paula Bates
Anna Hartman
Food Smarts Nutrition
  • Consumption of dairy and substitutes in US and other food cultures, animal milk and lactose intolerance
  • Bone health, diet planning to meet calcium and vitamin D needs
  • Fermented foods and microbiota
  • Cooking with milk, dairy alternatives, cheese, fermented products
Tuesday, November 28Meats and Poultry
Tina Lee
Fresh Stop Market
Dare to Care

Kelly McMasters

Toni Ganzel

To Be Announced
  • Meat consumption in US and other food cultures
  • Iron-deficiency anemia, saturated fat, meat and cancer
  • Cuts of meat and implications; meat preservation methods and effects
  • Use of thermometer, food safety in meat preparation, meat cookery, portion sizes for health and economy