Task Force Charge

Being Well Task Force Charge

The University of Louisville School of Medicine Being Well Task Force is assembled to assist the school's executive leadership in creating a long term strategic plan to address faculty, resident, student and staff burnout through the implementation of strategic initiatives supporting compassion cultivation; resiliency; and the promotion of physical, mental, and social health. 

The work design for the Task Force will divide members into three work groups focusing on HEALTHRESILIENCE, and COMPASSION. Work groups will develop objectives supported by strategies and tactics to frame a plan for implementation over the course of the next five years.  

Work groups will be asked to brainstorm ideas for possible interventions to diminish the factors contributing to burnout as well as to develop strategies for promoting enhancements for improved and sustained health, resiliency, and compassion.

Work groups are encouraged to think creatively about possibilities and prospects yet should work toward development of realistically implementable strategies.  This planning effort is intended to support the design of a longterm plan; therefore, work groups  should not limit proposals based on current fiscal constraints.  Reasonable consideration, however, should be given to budget limitations of a publicly funded institution of higher education such as UofL. 

Undoubtedly there will be deficiencies, discrepancies or imperfections in information that may prove challenging.   Group members are encouraged to work toward the primary purpose of this effort, which is to obtain well developed ideas from diverse perspectives, information sets  and expertise to support School of Medicine leadership in implementing a variety of measures that will positively impact well being for the internal  community of the School and that might serve to create models beneficial in other human service professions.

Work groups are asked to:

  • consider teaching and learning prospects in the context of UME, GME and CME; 
  • consider opportunities for data collection, research, scholarship and grant funding;
  • explore prospects for transference of outcomes from the wellbeing initiative to positive patient experiences, and  consider ways in which the  School of Medicine might engage in the community as a resource and a beneficiary  for promoting enrichment of wellbeing.

Work groups are encouraged to strive for balance, recognizing there will be inherent imperfections and time constraints during the course of this planning process and that such should not thwart creative thought, group synergy, or individual contributions. When in doubt, work groups are encouraged to be inclusive of ideas. 

A high level of gratitude is extended to each of you for your investment in this endeavor. Thank you for the valuable contribution of your time, expertise, and effort.