Chuanlin Ding, Ph.D.


Ph.D., Immunology, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2003
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 2006

Curriculum Vitae

Current Positions:

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Louisville School of Medicine

Contact Information:

Clinical Translational Research Building, Room 318
University of Louisville
505 Hancock St.
Louisville, KY 40202, USA
Phone 502-852-8943
Fax 502-852-2123

Research Description:

My broad research interests are in the areas of tumor-mediated immunosuppression and the roles of B cell regulation in autoimmune diseases as well as in tumor.  Currently, the main focus of my research is to better understand the mechanisms by which tumor- and/or host-derived inflammation following cancer chemotherapy regulates the differentiation and functional changes of immunosuppressive myeloid cells.  I also am interested in the development of new strategies for tumor immunotherapy.  Specifically, we are investigating the roles of β-glucan, a safe and potent immunological adjuvant, in regulating myeloid cell differentiation and function.

Representative Publications:

Tumor immunology

  • Albeituni SH*, Ding C*, Liu M, Hu X, Luo F, Kloecker G, Bousamra M, II, Zhang HG, Yan J.  Yeast-derived particulate β-glucan treatment subverts the suppression of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) by inducing polymorphonuclear MDSC apoptosis and monocytic MDSC differentiation to APC in cancer.  Journal of Immunology 2016;196(5):2167-80. (*Co-first author) PMID: 26810222. PMCID: PMC4761495
  • Liu M*, Luo F*, Ding C*, Albeituni SH, Hu X, Yan J.  Dectin-1 activation by a natural product β-glucan converts immunosuppressive macrophages into an M1-like phenotype.  Journal of Immunology 2015 Nov 15;195(10):5055-65. (*Co-first author) PMID: 26453753.  PMCID: PMC4637216.
  • Gunn L*, Ding C*, Liu M, Ma Y,Qi C, Cai Y, Hu X, Aggarwal D, Zhang HG, Yan J.  Opposing roles for complement component C5a in tumor progression and the tumor microenvironment.  Journal of Immunology 2012 Sep 15;189(6):2985-94. (*Co-first author)  PMID: 22914051.  PMCID: PMC3436956.
  • Ding C, Wang L, Marroquin J, Yan J.  Targeting of antigens to B cells augments antigen-specific T-cell responses and breaks immune tolerance to tumor-associated antigen MUC1.  Blood 2008 Oct 1;112(7):2817-25.  PMID: 18669871.  PMCID: PMC2556617.

Regulation of B cell activation in autoimmune diseases

  • Ding C*, Chen X, Dascani P, Hu X, Bolli R, Zhang HG, Mcleish KR, Yan J.  STAT3 signaling in B cells is critical for germinal center maintenance and contributes to the pathogenesis of murine models of lupus.  Journal of Immunology 2016 Jun 1;196(11):4477-86. (*Co-corresponding author) PMID: 27183592.  PMCID: PMC4875824.
  • Ding C, Ma Y, Chen X, Liu M, Cai Y, Hu X, Xiang D, Nath S, Zhang HG, Ye H, Powell D, JYan J.  Integrin ITGAM/CD11b negatively regulates BCR signaling to maintain autoreactive B cell tolerance.  Nature Communications 2013;4:2813.  PMID: 24264377.
  • Ding C, Cai Y, Marroquin J, Ildstad ST, Yan J.  Plasmacytoid dendritic cells regulate autoreactive B cell activation via soluble factors and in a cell-to-cell contact manner.  Journal of Immunology 2009;183: 7140-9.  PMID: 19890051.  PMCID: PMC3351849.

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