Letter from U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell

An open letter from United States Senator Mitch McConnell

I first became immersed in politics and government as a student at the University of Louisville where I majored in political science.

Not only did I learn a great deal from my courses, but I also learned about leadership firsthand as President of the A&S Student Council.

Back then, there wasn’t a special program devoted to training Kentucky’s future leaders, and that is the fundamental purpose of the McConnell Center—to educate and encourage our young leaders from around the state.

The full-tuition scholarships associated with the Center are designed to provide students a high quality liberal arts education—as well as the experience and exposure to prominent individuals that will spark in them an enthusiasm for public issues and leadership.

I had such an experience when I was a young man interning for the legendary U.S. Senator John Sherman Cooper. My internship, which was similar to opportunities offered by the Center, instilled in me a lifelong love of politics and a dedication to public service.

For Kentucky to progress in the next century, a new generation of Kentuckians must be prepared to lead. The McConnell Center is dedicated to developing that leadership for our Commonwealth and our nation—not only in politics, but also in business, law, health care, the arts, and community service.

Whether you are a prospective student, a current member of the U of L community, or are someone interested in political issues or the scholarly study and development of leadership, I hope you will be able to benefit in some way from the McConnell Center’s programing now and in the future.


Mitch McConnell

United States Senator