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Online registration for the McConnell Center's Strategic Broadening Seminar.
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Research Projects
Each soldier will be assigned an individual research project or will be placed on a project team with approximately five other participants. All participants will work with a faculty mentor to research and prepare a briefing. Briefings will be conducted the last week of the Seminar to the wider group, as well as to senior military leadership.
Research Projects
Project Type  You will either be a member of a team research project or conduct your own individual research project on set topics. Indicate which project type you prefer.

 1-Most Preferred234-Least Preferred
Countering China in Southeast Asia
Dealing with a North Korean Crisis
Fostering Army-Navy Cooperation
The Role of AI and Cyber in Warfare
 1-Most Preferred2345678-Least Preferred
Leadership & Strategic Lessons in Classical Texts
Oaths of Office: Origins, Meaning & Lessons
American Constitutionalism & National Security
Lessons Learned from Military History
Democratization & Its Challenges
Improving Mission Command
Challenges of Cyber Warfare
Countering Dereliction of Duty
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