Gassman ('18) to intern for Library of Congress

(May 20, 2016) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - McConnell Scholar Robert Gassman will spend 10 weeks as a Junior Fellow at the United States Library of Congress.
Gassman ('18) to intern for Library of Congress

McConnell Scholar Robert Gassman (’18) plans on serving as an intern for the Library of Congress’ educational outreach division. He will focus on collecting primary source materials on World War I, which will then be distributed to elementary schools all around the country.

2016 marks the fourth consecutive year a McConnell Scholar has attained an internship with the Junior Fellows Program. Victoria Allen (’16), Alicia Humphrey (’17) and Diana Lalata (’17) have all held summer positions with the Library of Congress prior to Gassman.

Gassman will begin his internship on May 31, and will return August 5 – just one day before the annual McConnell Center retreat.  He is excited for the opportunity to work for what he believes to be one of the most historic and important buildings in the country.

“Being a lifelong learner, I am filled with the utmost joy to work for the largest repository of human knowledge in the world,” Gassman said.

Gassman is a native of Louisville, Ky., where he graduated from Christian Academy of Louisville in 2014. He plans on serving as the McConnell Scholars Program Vice Chair for the 2016-17 academic year, and is pursuing majors in political science, history and Asian studies.