David Jones speaks at McConnell Center

(October 11, 2010) LOUISVILLE, Ky.- McConnell Scholars lunch with David Jones, co-founder of Humana, as part of the Center's Local Leaders extended learning program.
David Jones speaks at McConnell Center

David Jones, founder and former CEO of Humana, fields questions from McConnell Scholars.

David Jones, Sr., co-founder and former CEO of Humana, sat down with several McConnell Scholars Sept. 8, 2010. The U of L alumnus shared his experience as a member of the U.S. Navy and as leader of a Fortune 100 company.

Jones was part of the McConnell Center's Local Leaders series, which introduces scholars to successful community members.

In addition to outlining critical character skills for aspiring leaders, Jones shared his thoughts on universal health care for America, the Humana "creation story" and what it was like growing up in Louisville during the Great Depression

A McConnell Scholar's Perspective-Blog entry by Justin Brandt (Campbell County, Class of 2013)