Virtual Math Colloq. Sept. 25 3:30pm

Friday, September 25 at 3:30pm, Virtual Room (Zoom Meeting ID: 754 716 1091)

"Can A Barrier Zone Stop Invasion of A Population?"
Dr. Bingtuan Li, University of Louisville


A barrier zone can be viewed as an area at the front of a population invasion where eradication or suppression activity is performed. The barrier zone concept of slowing or stopping range expansion has been implemented against a variety of species. In this talk, we will discuss mathematical models in terms of reaction-diffusions and integro-difference equations and investigate the effect of a barrier zone on invasion of a population with a strong Allee effect. We provide a formula for the critical width L* of barrier zone. We show that when a barrier zone is set at the front of a population, if the width of barrier zone is bigger than L* then the barrier zone can stop the population invasion, and if the width of barrier zone is less than L* then the population crosses the barrier zone and eventually occupies the entire space.