Campus Mail

Route delivery and pick-up may begin as early as 9:30 am. Departments should have their mail ready for pick-up at this time. Actual delivery times may vary.

Please separate mail to be metered and stamped mail. Often times, mail to be metered may end up in the United States Postal Service (USPS) system and may not be returned. Campus mail picked up on routes is delivered on the next scheduled route delivery.


  • Addresses on campus mail pieces must always include department name; use building only if part of department name (i.e. Surgery, MDR). Mail without department address may be returned to sender for correction. Envelopes must be sealed/taped or have flaps folded into envelope. Mailings over 50 pieces must be separated by departments. Please allow two (2) working days for processing mailings of 200 or more pieces; three (3) days if received Friday afternoon or Monday morning. Please schedule large pick-ups prior to morning depart time of the routes (9:15 am) or pick-up may be scheduled for the next day.


Note: University Mail Services delivers mail by the department address, not the individual's name. Delivery delays occur when the department is not stated. Do not use acronyms (initials).


  • Only university business is transacted through interdepartmental mail -- campus delivery is not for personal use. Chain letters are an improper use of campus mail as well as a violation of university and postal regulations. Personal mail may be returned to sender.


  • Campus addresses for mass campus mailings are maintained on the Human Resources system. Human Resources should be notified regarding any changes in an employee’s campus mailing address.


Incoming USPS Mail Delivery

Most university departments utilize the unique zip code, 40292. This mail is delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to University Mail Services. The use of street addresses can cause automation equipment to assign the wrong zip code to a piece and send it to the wrong place.  When received, Mail Services sorts and delivers all mail to the department addressed at the designated mail stop the same day it is recieved. Some departments outside the main university campuses have been assigned street addresses and corresponding zip codes. Mail is delivered directly by the USPS to these departments.

Departments receive mail delivery once a day, at which time any outgoing mail is picked up (see section on outgoing mail). Routes may be on a half-hour to an hour delayed schedule on Mondays, after holidays, and after official university closings. Special delivery schedules are followed during the Christmas holiday season and when necessary. Departments are notified in advance of changes in schedule.



The United States Postal Service requires the following formats for incoming university mail:

With Unique Zip Code

Individual's name (optional)
Department name
University of Louisville
2301 S Third St
Louisville KY 40292-0001

With Street Delivery

Individual's name (optional)
Department name
University of Louisville
Street and suite number
Louisville KY (assigned zip)


For departments with unique zip code, buildings and room numbers are used only for shipping by companies other than the USPS. Many vendors will take a shipping address and a mailing address. If the item is to be sent USPS, then the formats above would be used for both the shipping and mailing address. All Mail Services needs on your mail piece is your department name. We know where to deliver it to.

Departments are responsible for the redirection of mail received at their department. If a person listed on the mail piece is no longer with the department, it is that department's responsibility to decide whether to open it or forward it to the person listed. If the person is no longer at the university, mail may be forwarded or returned to sender. Standard permit mail pieces cannot be forwarded and must have an endorsement to be returned.

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