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On February 9, 1931, Louisville Municipal College for Negroes, (LMC), opened as "a separate higher education institution under the administration of the Board of Trustees of the University of Louisville" at Seventh and Kentucky streets on property previously occupied by Simmons University (which had closed in 1930) as the only full-fledged Black liberal arts college in Kentucky and one of three Black liberal arts colleges in the country, at the time, as well as the only Black liberal arts college in the nation supported by city funds.

Learn more about the history of Louisville Municipal College (LMC) an extraordinary higher education institution and symbol of Black pride; its outstanding faculty, administrators and students; as well as the leaders it produced. Join LMC alumni and their "walk down memory lane" with photographic memories, memorabilia and archival data, plus conversational exchanges.

On-line links, resources and references will be provided. Learn more about the your history. Did you know that Kentucky had the dubious reputation of being the leaders among the border states in its violent opposition to Freedmen's Bureau schools which were the sole sources of education for African Americans prior to the Civil War and the Kentucky did not make provisions to provide education for African Americans?


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