Borrowing Privileges

  • The chart below gives the borrowing period in days unless otherwise noted.
  • Your Cardinal Card is required to check out materials.

Borrowing Period in Days

 University of Louisvillesee definitions of these categories below
FacultyStaffGrad. studentsUndergrad. studentsVisiting academicConsortia studentCommunity borrowerInstitutionsTemporary borrower
ARCHIVES & Special Collections000000000
ART books1200300140000
ART videos303000000
EKSTROM "stacks" books1201201202812028141414
EKSTROM browsing books212121212121141414
EKSTROM headphones4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs
EKSTROM laptops4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs00000
EKSTROM sga videos**555500000
EKSTROM video collection333000000

KORNHAUSER books14141414141414140
KORNHAUSER bound journals111110010
KORNHAUSER unbound journals1 hr.1 hr.1 hr.1 hr.00000
KORNHAUSER audiovisuals333300000

LAW books28/365††2828282828282828
MUSIC books120120120281414141414
MUSIC CDs1201202814     
MUSIC DVDs1201202814     
MUSIC scores12012012028     
Maximum # of items99999999151010305


** The maximum number of SGA videos that a patron can have checked out is 3.

† Graduate students can only check out 6 videos total from Ekstrom's video collections at one time.

†† Law faculty can check books out of the Law Library for 365 days.


Visiting Academic:
Metroversity Faculty, SAALCK Faculty, ARL Reciprocal Faculty, Visiting Faculty, VIPs (VIPs are entitled to Interlibrary Loan service).
Consortia Student:
Metroversity Student, SAALCK Student, Simmons College Student.
Community Borrower:
Residents of Kentucky over 18 years of age are eligible to receive a Community Borrowers card.  A valid driver's license or state issued photo ID is required.
Jefferson County Medical Society (Borrower card issued only by Kornhauser Library).
Temporary Borrower:
High School Students in designated programs (and registered through their High School), Music Preparatory, Summer programs (ex. Upward Bound), Southern Police Institute, Visiting Student.