Library Technology Facilities

Public PCs

In each library, there are a number of computer workstations available for public use. (PCs in the Law library are limited to Law School faculty and students.)

Most PCs on Belknap campus are configured in the same way with a web browser(including popular plug-ins), Microsoft Office suite and accessibility to some networked applications.

File Storage and Portable Disk

There is a temporary file storage folder (My Documents) on each public PC in the Libraries. Users can store their working files temporarily in that folder; however, the Libraries are NOT responsible for any data lost or for security. Users are responsible for preparing flash drives for their own use.


There is one general computer lab housed in Ekstrom Library. There are also five teaching labs: W-102, W-103, W-104, Collaborative Learning Center(CLC), and Library Instruction Classroom (LIC). These teaching labs are primarily used for library instructions or other library related meetings or conferences. Rooms W-102, W-103, and W-104 are located in the new wing first floor across from Circulation. The CLC is located on the first floor (117A) and the LIC is located on the second floor (Room 254, in Current Periodicals and Microforms area). More information about the labs.