Listening Area Equipment

Twenty (20) carrels equipped with a variety of audio/video playback components are located on the first floor of the music library:

List by Equipment

Equipmentin Carrels
CD players1-3, 5, 12B, 13-15
Cassette decks1-6, 11, 13,15
Turntables2, 4
Reel-to-reel players 3-4, 6
DVD with TV12B
VCR with TV12A
Computers7-10, 16-19

List by Carrel

Carrel No.Equipment
1CD player, Cassette deck, Reel-to-reel
2CD player, Turntable, Cassette deck
3CD player, Cassette deck, Reel-to-reel
4Turntable, Reel-to-reel, Cassette deck
5, 13,15CD player, Cassette deck
6Cassette deck, Reel-to-reel
112 cassette decks
12AVCR with TV
12BDVD/CD player with TV
14CD player