Ask a Librarian


(502) 852-8532, during desk hours.


Submit a reference question. Your question will be answered as quickly as possible by a librarian during normal reference service hours. Priority is given to current UofL students, staff, faculty, and residents.

In Person

The Reference Desk is staffed Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

House Calls

Reference Librarians make house calls outside of the library, in your own office. We can assist you in using library resources, conducting research, setting up literature awareness alerts, etc. Librarians can meet with small groups, including journal clubs, in your office or lab. Contact Michel Atlas at 852-8534.

By Appointment

Call the Reference desk at 852-8532 or use the research appointment form.


Library classes are open to everyone, covering a range of topics.


Reference librarians are available to assist faculty, staff and students working on complex literature searches. Anyone involved in grant preparation, human studies, or clinical research should avail themselves of our services to ensure that search results are complete and accurate.