Manuscript Collections

Ackerly, S. Spafford, M.D. Papers

[1910-1981], RG 201, 8 lft partially processed Tapes, transcripts, working papers, and correspondence from an oral history project by Ackerly with thirty-two pioneering child psychiatrists and other professionals in the field of child guidance and development, conducted between 1971 and 1974.

Adams, Joan Titley (1931-1986) Papers

1940-1986, RG 232, 30 lft unprocessed Personal papers of Adams, medical librarian at Kornhauser, donated by her estate in 1986-1987

Adams, Paul, M.D., Papers

1973, RG 169 (located in Gardner Collection), .25 lft Typescript of psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor’s manuscript for his book Obsessive Children.

Albinus Skeleton Illustrations

1969 reproductions of 1749 work, RG 239, 3 items 3 lithographs of skeletal and muscular systems from 1749 classic by Bernard Siegfried Albinus.

American Association for the History of Medicine

1993, RG 283, .10 lft Miscellaneous information from the 1993 annual meeting of the AAHM.

Atwood, Ruth (1919-) Papers,

ca. 1963-1967, RG 277, .5 lft Literary output, correspondence, curriculum vitae, from librarian at Kornhauser Health Sciences Library at the University of Louisville. The files mainly relate to her bid for tenure.

Bailey, Pearce (1865-1922) Notes

ca. 1890, RG 278, .25 lft. Longhand notes made by Bailey, an early neurologist of note, bound with his copies of Oscar Fraentzel, Vorlesunger uber die Krankheiten des Herzens.

Barnes, Malcolm, M.D. (1910-1977), Papers,

1923-1970s, RG 197, 1.25 lft unprocessed Negatives, photographs, and specimen reports reflecting career of Barnes.

Beard Family Papers

1872-1962, RG 144, 2.5 lft Papers of University of Louisville hematologist Dr. Marion F. Beard (1905-1983), the donor, and his grandfather, Dr. William F. Beard (1835-1913) including a framed portrait of Joseph Beard and medical instruments.

Beddoe, John, M.D. (1826-1911), Papers

1863-1911, RG 212, 10 items Materials of the British physician and anthropologist include letters from Beddoe to F.W. Cock, 1863, 1866, 1910, and obituaries for Beddoe.

Beem, Blake (1891-1976) Papers

1918-1961, 1976, RG 105, .75 lft. Blake Beem served as librarian of the University of Louisville School of Medicine from 1935 to 1961, being the first trained and experienced librarian at the school. These personal papers include photos from her early life, clippings, correspondence from her later life, memorabilia and artifacts.

Bemis, Samuel M.,

Lorenz Biography, [1960s], RG 254, 1 item (332 pp) Typescript of Medical Leader of the Nineteenth Century: Career of Dr. Samuel Merrifield Bemiss, by Lincoln Lorenz, apparently never published. Bemiss (1821-1884) served on the faculty of the University of Louisville Department of Medicine in the 1850s and 1860s, edited the Monthly Medical News, with Joseph W. Benson. A veteran of the Confederate States of America, Bemiss took a position at Tulane University in 1866 and remained in New Orleans for the rest of his life. He chaired the U.S. Yellow Fever Commission in 1878, served on the U.S. Board of Health, and was an officer in the American Medical Association.

Benner, Margaret Detrich

Uniform, ca. 1896, RG 263, .5 lft Nurse uniform including cap, shoes, pin, pen/pencil, lavaliere, belonging to 1896 graduate of the Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing

Bird, John S. Papers,

1875-1917, bulk 1875-1887, RG 280, 1 item (200 pp) Patient records (mainly obstetrical) and accounts with a few family letters and notes.

Booth, Augustine Rue (1844-1900) Student Thesis,

1873, RG 186, 1 item (131 pp) Longhand history and analysis of a yellow fever epidemic in Shreveport, LA in 1873, including a map showing distribution of cases and tables which won the prize for best thesis of 1873-1874.

Bowles, Samuel A., M.D. Student Notes

1883, RG 257, .1 lft Two pocket notebooks with notes in pencil, on lectures by Coomes, Marvin, Mathews, Anderson, Orendorf, Grant, Kelly, Holloway, and Wathen of the Kentucky School of Medicine by Bowles, a Missouri physician and 1883 graduate .

Branaman, Ernest L. M.D. ( -1960) Papers

1894-1952, RG 270, .5 lft Class notes (1894-1895), patient account ledgers, diplomas, homeopathic medical kit, biographical sketch. Patient information is restricted

Caldwell, Charles

1799, RG 107, 1 item and .5 lft Framed poem, an elegy to George Washington printed on silk, by Caldwell.

Calvert, George B. (1820-1887)Papers

1841-1887, RG 271, .25 lft. Notes from Louisville Medical Institute (1841-1842) from Drake, Gross, Short, Miller. Photocopies of poetry, illustrations, and medical recipe book. Calvert attended Louisville Medical Institute but did not graduate, practiced medicine in Perryville, Kentucky

Cannon, Dr. George H. (ca. 1850-1907) Casebook/Formulary

1876-1886, RG 220, .25 lft Combination case book and pharmaceutical recipe book kept by New Albany, Indiana physician and 1877 University of Louisville Department of Medicine graduate. The book includes a few clippings on St. Edward's Hospital of New Albany. All patient information is restricted.

Central State Hospital Records

1873-1878, 1965-1967, RG 243, .25 lft Artificial collection of annual reports (1873-1878), bulletins (1965-1966), and report (1967) from hospital in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky, originally Central State Lunatic Asylum.

Children's Hospital Records,

1955-1962, RG 211, .25 lft. Crrespondence, reports, patient records, and photographs from Children's Hospital (Louisville) during the 1950s polio epidemic. Access to patient records restricted.

Chinn Collection of Popular Remedies,

[1850-1920], RG 225, .1 lft. Handwritten recipes for medicines and newsclippings on the prevention and cure of disease, removed from I.D. Johnson's A Guide to Homeopathic Practice . . . (1880).

CIBA Symposium Reference Collection

1939-1948, 1960, RG 230, .5 lft Serial covering a variety of historical medical topics. List of topics in inventory folder.

Clinical Society of Louisville Records,

1886-1889, RG 124, .1 lft Minutes and detailed case reports and discussions of a local medical society.

Coblens, Felix Student Notes (Lunsford P. Yandell, Jr. Lectures

), 1874-1875, RG 190, 1 item - 456 pp. 1874-1875 winner of the annual prize for the best notes on the lectures of Yandell at the University of Louisville Department of Medicine, Coblens practiced medicine in Louisville after graduation in 1875.

Coleman, William H., M.D. (1870-1923), Papers,

circa 1892-1919, RG 102, .25 lft (15 items) Certificates, diploma, memorabilia, and autobiographical sketch of 1896 graduate of University of Louisville, and faculty member of Kentucky University Medical Department, 1901-1907 and the University of Louisville School of Medicine, 1908-1912. Includes material on Volunteer edical Service Corps of World War I and the influenza epidemic of 1918.

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Louisville Records,

1866, RG 218, 1 item, bound Charter, constitution, membership and fee lists, and AMA code of ethics of this organization, founded in 1838 and reorganized in 1858. Many prominent Louisville Medical Institute and University of Louisville Medical Department faculty were founders and active members, including George W. Bayless, Charles Caldwell, John Esten Cooke, Henry Miller, Lewis Rogers, and Lunsford P. Yandell. (Additional information can be found in Series 4: Professional Organizations, of the WPA Kentucky Medical History Project, RG 127.)

Colson, Huston G., M.D., Papers,

1883-1891, RG 116, .25 lft. Colson graduated from University of Louisville Department of Medicine in 1890 and practiced in Middlesborough, Kentucky, before moving to Sonora, Texas, around 1895. Collection includes a scrapbook of news clippings, photos, and certificate of appointment as Post Master in Bell County, KY.

Community Health Orientation Program for Students (CHOPS)

1972-1974, RG 214, .25 lft Minutes, brochures, evaluations, final reports of Metroversity program funded by federal government, where teams of medical, dental, nursing, and social work students worked in a program at Park-Duvalle Neighborhood Health Center.

Conner, Eugene H., M.D., Papers

1965-1974, 1985, RG 104, .25 lft Chronica Medica Kentuckiensis column from the JCMS Bulletin, with a name index and an audio tape of an address on Daniel Drake before Ohio Academy of Science, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1985.

Coxe, William S., M.D., Student Notebook,

1808-1809, RG 149, 1 item, 279 pp. .25 lft Bound notes (indexed) taken by 1811 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, on lectures on surgery by P.S. Physick and venereal disease by John L. Dorsey. Nothing else known about Coxe.

Cushing, Harvey W., M.D. (1869-1939) Collection,

1914-1939, RG 183, 5 items Correspondence: four outgoing, one incoming. One letter is about lobotomies and shows his humor. (See also volumes about and by Cushing, cataloged in MINERVA.)

Dabney, Samuel Gordon, M.D. (1860-1932), Papers,

1932, RG 147, 2 items Recollections of the Medico-ChirurgicalSociety, 1932, and a portrait.

Dental School Centennial Oral History Collection

1987, RG 245, 8 tapes Four interviews with dental faculty members from the 1940s-1970s as part of the centennial celebration in 1987.

Diehl, Conrad Lewis, M.D. (1840-1917), Papers,

1856-1917, RG 148, 1 lft Correspondence, certificates, and group photos of founder and president of the Louisville School of Pharmacy (1870-1881) and family papers and scrapbook of Diehl and Anton Coldewey, a German-American cabinetmaker who married into the Diehl family.

Diplomas (Misc.) Collection.

RG 106 Approximately 60 diplomas dating from 1829-1930 from Louisville medical schools and other medical and health profession institutions.

Doyle, George F., M.D., Collection

1787-1965, RG 118, 1300 images, with index and clippings. Pictures of Kentucky physicians with biographical clippings, some obituaries, and some legal documents from 1787-1818 Mercer and Fayette Counties.

Drake, Daniel (1785-1852) Papers,

1823-1952, RG 213, .75 lft. Photocopies of lectures by Drake and articles about Drake and Emmet Horine. Lectures, articles, correspondence, review, class ticket (1839), original and copies of 1820 introductory discourse at the opening of the Medical College of Ohio in Cincinnati. Manuscript and notes for lecture on intemperance to be delivered to the Louisville Temperance Society in 1839. Pamphlets with lectures on clinical medicine (1840) and intellectual improvement of the medical profession (1844).

Early American Newspaper Collection,

1788-1874 [bulk, 1797-1803], RG 176 Entire editions of Philadelphia, New York, and other eastern US newspapers, total of approximately 145. Each contain an article or letter on a medical or health topic, i.e. inoculations, epidemics, anesthesia, homeopathy.

Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum Records

1828-1872, RG 193, 3.25 lft Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum (now Eastern State Hospital) is located near Lexington, Kentucky, and opened in 1824. This collection consists of photocopies of letters about patients, bonds, commitment records, selected from originals now at Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives. There are also a few original published reports, 1847-1858, and some articles about EKLA. Also on microfilm.

Elkes, Joel M.D. Papers

1949-1994, RG 287, 52.75 lft Well-known psychiatrist, Joel Elkes, MD, a native of Germany who received his education in England, donated his personal papers to the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library at the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, upon his retirement in 1994. This collection documents his medical career in the United States, first at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland (1963-1974); at McMaster University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1975-1980); and finally at the University of Louisville (1981-1994); along with his professional activities in the areas of neuropharmacology and psychobiology. The papers are organized in nine series: Personal and Biographical (1.25 linear feet); Correspondence (13 linear feet); Literary Production (2 linear feet); Teaching (7 linear feet); Professional Activity (14 linear feet) ; Memberships (7 linear feet); Reference Files (3 linear feet); Reprints (4.5 linear feet); and Patient Files - RESTRICTED (1 linear foot).

Figge, Eileen Collection

1953-1958, RG 253, 1.5 lft Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing text mimeographs, cap, dolls, photos, cape from 1958 graduate.

Flexner, Morris, M.D. (1890- ) Papers,

1960s, RG 130, .20 lft Personal and business correspondence and typescript of autobiography of Louisville physician.

Flint, Joshua B., M.D., Papers

1828-1856, RG 164, .25 lft. This collection of Flint’s, the first professor of surgery at the Louisville Medical Institute includes published articles and reports (some signed), and memorabilia.

Fragmens d'Etudes Medicales

1802-1809, RG 187, 1 item, 365 pp. Leather bound notes on classes at L’ecole de medecine de Paris and formularies by unknown student.

Furnish, J. Floyd, M.D. (1882-1972), Papers,

1908-1973, RG 195, .375 lft Diplomas (Kentucky School of Medicine, 1908), certificates, class picture and photocopies of clippings and a letter. Furnish, of Spencer County, delivered the first quintuplets in the United States in 1914.

Gaddie, David W., M.D. (1862-1937), Office Records,

1897-1939, RG 255, .25 lft Three account ledger kept by Gaddie, a University of Louisville Department of Medicine graduate and Hodgenville, Kentucky, physician, along with a portrait and photo of him. Patient information restricted.

Gillespie, Jo Anne Leming Papers,

1947-1960s, RG 293, 2.25 linear feet Jo Anne (Leming) Gillespie graduated from the Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing in 1950 after attending school there for three years. She worked as a nurse and nursing instructor throughout her career. This is a collection her student textbooks and notes, along with some related correspondence.

Gray, Laman Sr. (1908- ), McDowell Collection,

1949-1987, RG 256, 2.25 lft Files of Dr. Gray, faculty member of University of Louisville School of Medicine, from the McDowell Home restoration project of the Kentucky Medical Association, along with his collection of photocopies of material on Ephraim McDowell for his book The Life and Times of Ephraim McDowell (1987). Other materials from the Gray estate unprocessed.

Green, Norvin, M.D. (1818-1893), Papers

1838-1893, RG 199, .25 lft Correspondence (incoming, 1839-1859s), Kentucky General Assembly drafts and bills on regulation of medical practice (early 1850s), class tickets. Green was a physician, politician, one-time president of a railroad, and founder of Western Union.

Griswold, R. Arnold, M.D. (1898-1972) Papers,

1920s-1977, RG 269, 1.1 lft Photocopies of clippings, correspondence, and photos from scrapbook belonging to Griswold, a 1925 graduate and faculty member of the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Original held by Griswold. Collection includes scientific manuscripts, photos, artwork, published articles, data, and correspondence. Patient information is restricted.

Gross, Samuel D., M.D., Collection,

1846-1988, RG 224, .1 lft Artificial collection of essays, letters, articles, and addresses in memory of Gross. Also includes a photograph. Gathered in 1985 from various sources.

Hainsworth Scrapbook,

ca. 1880s-1900, RG 129, .25 lft Articles (mostly undated) on health and popular medicine from the popular press (some from Philadelphia newspapers) including cures, how-tos. Nothing known about donor

Hand Surgery Seminar Records,

1979-1983, RG 206, .5 lft Five loose-leaf binders containing handouts for annual courses conducted by Drs. Harold Kleinart, Joseph Kutz, et. al., including schedule, curriculum, and curriculum vitae of leaders.

Hart, John La Fayette, M.D. (1877-1948) Papers

1905-1917, RG 217, .1 lft Diplomas, account books, photos depicting the life of Hart, a 1905 graduate of the Hospital College of Medicine. Hart practiced in Pulaski County, Kentucky.

Haynes, Douglas M., M.D., Papers,

1957-1969, RG 158, 1.25 lft Haynes was a University of Louisville School of Medicine Professor of obstetrics, chair of Obstetrics/Gynecology, and Dean from 1969-1973. This collection is the final drafts and galley proofs of Medical Complications During Pregnancy, and correspondence related to the publication.

Henderson, Elmer Lee, M.D., (1885-1954) Papers

1938-[1963], RG136, 1 lft Correspondence, clippings, photos, certificates, and writings of a Louisville surgeon who served as president of the American Medical Association (1951-1952) and the World Medical Association (1952-1953). Henderson was also active in the AMA fight against compulsory health insurance.

Henninger, Edna B., R.N. (1893-1975), Papers,

1922-1975, RG 171, 2.75 lft. Materials relating to the Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing from Henninger, a 1922 graduate and faculty member (1922-1957), including addresses, histories, student notes and course outline, procedures manual, nursing and medical illustrations. There is also some inspirational poetry and writings, diploma, license, certificates, laws relating to nursing, log 1968-1975), and a set of dolls dressed in uniforms reflecting the changing styles over the eighty- year existence of the Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing.

Hentz, Charles A., Diary,

1846-1848, RG 192, .1 lft Photocopies of diary and portion of an autobiography of an 1846 graduate of ULSM. Originals are at the University of North Carolina. These portions cover only the period of his stay in Louisville.

Hickman, James H. Student Notes

(Lunsford P. Yandell, Jr. Lectures), 1874-1875, RG 191, 1 item 170 pp This is a notebook on lectures of Professor Lunsford P. Yandell, Jr., taken by Hickman, an 1875 graduate of the University of Louisville Medical Department. The backs of the pages were used to copy names of physicians by city, from Polk’s Kentucky State Gazetteer, nd.

Horine, Emmet F., M.D. (1885-1964), Collection

nd, RG 120, 12 lft Reference file compiled by Louisville cardiologist on variety of medical topics. The collection is organized alphabetically by subject and there is an index, as well as correspondence, microfilm of pamphlet file, programs from KY State Medical Association (1935-1960). Plus "nurse anesthetist" controversy records. (.5 lft)

Hume, E. C. (1887-[1985]), D.D.S., Papers,

1918-1951, RG 139, .75 lft. Hume was a specialist in maxillofacial surgery, who perfected a number of new techniques in oral surgery. Collection includes professional papers on oral surgery topics and dental education,along with some correspondence and case histories.

Innominate Society Records

1926-1985, RG 121, 5.75 lft. This collection includes organizational records, minutes, correspondence, and essays for this organization, a component group of the American Association of the History of Medicine, founded in 1926.

Ireland, Josias A., M.D. (1824-1901) Papers

1845-1893, RG 174, .375 lft. Certificates relating to medical and clerical career of Ireland who attended the first course at the Medical Department of the University of Louisville, 1846-1847, then graduated from the Kentucky School of Medicine in its first class (1851). Ireland served as professor at University of Louisville, the Kentucky School of Medicine and the Louisville Medical College.

Jarvis, Edward (1803-1884) Autobiography

no date, RG 167, .25 lft Photocopy of longhand autobiography of Jarvis, a specialist in treatment of insanity and pioneer in social statistics and critic of census methods, who lived and practiced in Louisville from 1837 to 1842. Also correspondence from Jarvis to Dr. Joseph D. Lomax re: copies of Jarvis report solicited by Lomax, 1877.

Jefferson County Health Department Records

1936-1940, RG 152, .25 lft The Health Department, the first full-time county health unit in the United States. was established in 1908. This small collection is made up of annual reports, 1936-1940 and a Works Project Administration survey of sanitation, 1939-1940

Jefferson County Medical Society Records,

1906-1992, RG 115, 5.5 lft Records of the organization including constitution and by-laws, minutes, reports, financia records, programs, publications, directories, photos, scrapbooks, and oral histories. The collection includes material from the Women’s Auxiliary and the Milk Commission.

Jensen, Earl C., M.D. (1903-1973) Papers,

1926-1929, RG 175, 1 lft. Eight bound compilations of class lecture and lab notes by Jensen , University of Louisville School of Medicine, class of 1929

Johnson, Blanche--Miller, Margaret Irene Collection,

ca. 1929, RG 261, .5 lft Class notes, uniform components and accessories from two members of the Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing, class of 1929.

Johnson, Joseph E. (1888-1969), D.D.S., Papers,

1915-1956, RG 137, 4.25 lft Photos, slides, professional papers, and case reports of Louisville orthodontist who introduced the twin wire appliance in 1937

Johnson, William O., M.D. (1894-1960) Papers

ca. 1915-1953, RG 226, .5 lft Johnson served on the obstetrical faculty of the University of Louisville School of Medicine for thirty years. Collection consists of bound mimeographed notes on Cleveland Clinic Hospital in the 1920s, one unpublished paper, slides for lectures, and microscopic slides.

Jordan, Clement W., M.D. Office Records

1875-1908, RG 248, .375 lft Diploma (Medical College of Atlanta, 1875) and two ledgers (1891-1908) with miscellaneous bills and reprints from a West Point, Mississippi physician.

Keller, William K., M.D. (1906-1990) Papers

1890s-1989, RG 165, 18.75 lft. Correspondence, photos, lectures, articles, scrapbooks, clippings, and artifacts documenting the career of a member of University of Louisville School of Medicine psychiatry faculty and chair of the department from 1963 to 1973. Keller worked on the AMA Committee on Automotive Safety. Partially processed.

Kelly, Clinton W., M.D.(1844-1923), Papers

1864-1892, RG 200, 1 lft Lecture notes by Kelly as student at McGill University (1864-1867) and later his own patient notes (1892). Kelly was a general practitioner and professor of anatomy at University of Louisville Medical Department, 1908-1923, and earlier at Kentucky School of Medicine, Louisville Medical College and Louisville & Hospital Medical College.

Kendrick, Carroll Photo Album,

1870s, RG 236, 44 photos Photos of University of Louisville Medical Department faculty, some students, other Louisvillians, including Simon Kracht, janitor.

Kentucky Medical Association / Kentucky State Medical Society Records,

1851-1951, RG 122, 1 lft The state medical society was formed in 1851 by thirty-nine physicians, becoming a forum for the doctors to meet, exchange ideas, support the medical profession, and present papers on medical topics. Originally named the Kentucky State Medical Society, it became the Kentucky State Medical Association in 1903, and then the Kentucky Medical Association in the 1960s. This collection includes publications, proceedings, directories, and records of centennial celebration

Kentucky Medicine Illustrations

1829-1850s, RG 168, .25 lft Lantern slides - Portraits of Lexington and Louisville medical educators, Charles Caldwell, Daniel Drake, Samuel D. Gross, Austin Fling, Constantine Rafinesque, Samuel Brown, Benjamin W. Dudley; Ephraim McDowell, along with shrines to McDowell, Translyvania and Louisville Medical Institute buildings.

Kentucky Obstetrical & Gynecological Society Records

1948-1987, RG 242, .25 lft Organization founded in 1948, the collection includes minutes, constitution, occasional programs, correspondence, photos. Minutes for 1969-1973 are missing.

Kentucky Society of Respiratory Care Records

1976-1994, RG 112, 1.5 lft By-laws, minutes, membership lists, etc.

Kentucky State Dental Association Records,

1900-1973, RG 156, .5 l ft. Directories, constitutions and by-laws, meeting programs, bulletins, 1914 and 1931-1933. Official Records at University Archives and Records Center on Belknap Campus

Kentucky State Department of Health Records

1896-1978, RG 155, 1.25 lft. Collection contains: Biennial Report, 1896-1897; Kentucky Medical Directories, 1954-1978; Vital Statistic Reports, 1945-1967; Public Health Laws, 1919, 1966; Public Health Manual, 1919; miscellaneous bulletins, 1914-1973; Kentucky Health Facilities Research and Planning, Phase 1 Work Report, 1972 and Phase 2, General Guidelines, 1973; Laws relating to blood tests for syphilis, registry of physicians, osteopathy, narcotics; programs, reports, publications.

Kimsey Album of "Old Medical School" Pictures

1837-1983, RG 202, .75 lft. Collection of photos and brief histories pertaining to University of Louisville School of Medicine, compiled by Letitia S. Kimsey, M.D., member of the preclinical faculty in microbiology, 1937-1975.

Kinsman-Moore Research Records

1928-1946, RG 178, .5 lft. Articles, correspondence, and research data on cardiac output, injection method of studying circulation, from research by J. Murray Kinsman, M.D. (1899-1979) and John Walker Moore, M.D. (1884-1952). Human subject records are restricted.

Kirley, Cyril P., Student Notebook

(J.A. Ochterlony Clinical Medicine Lectures, Louisville Medical College), 1874, RG 185, 1 item, 181 pp. Leather bound notebook, on topics or asthma, Bright’s Disease, emphysema, gonorrheal rheumatism, heart disease, rheumatism, pneumonia, sciatica.

Knoefel, Peter K., M.D. (1906- ) Papers,

1842-1990, RG 234, 17.5 lft Knoefel was a graduate of Harvard University and faculty member in pharmacology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, 1935-1968. Collection includes reprints of biographical and historical articles on Felice Fontana, about whom Knoefel wrote a biography. There are also photocopies of scientific articles on anesthesiology and pharmacology (1930s- 1950s), text mimeographs from undergraduate anatomy, physiology, and physiologic chemistry (1926-1927), research notes and correspondence (1968-1990), and some family photos and documents

Kornhauser, Sidney I. PhD. ( 1887-1959), Papers,

1911-1950, 1977-1979, RG 205, .35 lft. Publications (annual reports and articles) relating to the National Library of Medicine, of which Kornhauser served on Board of Honorary Consultants 1944-1950. Also includes Anna M. Kornhauser=s European diary, 1913-1914, photos and songbook from Cold Spring Harbor, excerpts from history of Denison University, and oral history transcripts (Anna M. Kornhauser).

Langolf, Frederick A. and Frederick William, Diplomas

1902, 1951, RG 281, 5 items Frederick A. - Diploma from Louisville Medical College, 1902; License to practice medicine in Kentucky, 1902. Frederick William – Diploma from Jefferson School of Law, 1929; University of Louisville alumni certificate, 1951; photograph, n.d.

Lewis, Meriwether, M.D. (1848-1890) Student Notebook

1871-1872, RG 172, 1 item, 164 pp Indexed notes on lectures at Louisville Medical College by professors including Gailliard, Goodman, Holloway, Bullitt, Kelly, Saffray, Ireland, and others by Lewis, an 1872 graduate who practiced in Tennessee.

Limper, Margaret A., M.D. (1903-1976), Papers,

1926-1968, RG 161, .25 lft Reprints of articles by Limper, a University of Louisville School of Medicine graduate, 1929; and member of the University of Louisville Pediatrics Department faculty. She was the first medical director of the Kentucky Commission for Handicapped Children, 1962-1972.

Lottes, J. O., M.D., Papers,

1982, RG 223, 1 item Oral history interview with Lotts, who graduated from University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1937. The interview covers the 1937 flood, some of the faculty, the reputation of the school in the 1930s, and Lottes’s duties as night librarian.

Louisville City Hospital & U of L Medical School Picture

s, RG 179 See Turner Medical Pictures

Louisville College of Pharmacy Records,

1919, 1923, RG 228, 2 items Founded in 1870, the Louisville College of Pharmacy became part of the University of Kentucky in 1947 . There are two items: 1919-1920 annual announcement listing with matriculates for 1918-1919 and graduates for 1873-1919 and 1923 Assay, the school’s first yearbook.

Louisville Community Chest Health Council Records

1925-1961, bulk 1925-1939, RG 180, .5 lft. Correspondence, reports, minutes, budgets, studies, surveys, clippings, from the files of University of Louisville School of Medicine Dean Stuart Graves, who was a member of the council and chair of the Negro Health Committee.

Louisville District Dental Society Records

1909-1948, RG 163, 2.5 lft. This collection includes minutes, correspondence, and financial materials documenting the history of the Louisville District Dental Society, formerly known as the Jefferson County Dental Society and the Louisville Dental Study Group. Unprocessed

Louisville General Hospital

See University Hospital

Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing Records

1889-1996, RG 117, 8.5 lft Oral histories, by-laws, minutes, commencement information, photos, artifacts, textbooks, reports, student records, news clippings, publications, correspondence, and manuals documenting the existence of the School of Nursing and its Alumni Association.

Louisville Health Department Records

1900-1942, RG 153, 1 lft The Louisville Health Department was founded in 1866. This collection includes annual reports, 1900-1941 (incomplete); bulletins, 1918-1919 and 1939-1942; manuals on communicable diseases; and a Works Project Administration survey of City Hospital Clinic, 1938.

Louisville Hospitals Photo Collection

RG 246 See Weiss

Louisville-Jefferson County Health Dept. Records

1942-1979, RG 154, 1.75 lft In 1942, the Louisville (RG 153) and the Jefferson County (RG 152) health departments were merged under one Board of Health. This collection includes annual reports, 1942-1979; Bulletins, 1942-1948 and 1951-1953; and surveys and reports on communicable diseases, 1920- 1956

Louisville Medical Center Reports and Surveys

1924-1968, RG 209, .25 lft Reports, surveys, publications relating to hospitals and health care in the Louisville Medical Center, health planning documents.

Louisville Medical Club Records

1855-1858, RG 250, .1 lft Microfilm copy of minutes of an early Louisville medical society, founded in 1855 and merged with College of Physicians of Louisville in 1858. The originals are at Tulane University Medical Library.

Louisville Medico-Chirurgical Society Records,

RG 119

Louisville National Medical College Records

1889-1908, RG 204, 3 items Photocopies and one original annual announcement from this Louisville school of medicine founded for African Americans in 1888 by W.A. Burney, R. Conrad, and Henry Fitzbutler, M.D. The school closed in 1912.

Louisville Society of Medicine Records

1899-1985, RG 142, 1.25 lft Minutes, correspondence, meeting notices, financial records, and some papers read for the group, which existed 1898-1985

Louisville Surgical Society Records,

1891-1895, 1960s, RG 241, .15 lft Minutes of monthly meetings and attendance records of the limited membership society, founded in 1887 plus some later membership lists. Originally twelve members, it expanded to fifteen in 1891, then eliminated the limit in 1931. Since 1953, the society has sponsored the annual D.W. Yandell Lecture at the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

Marrett, Albert A., Student Notes (Yandell, Jr. Lectures)

1873-1874, RG 189, 1 item - 679 pp. Prize-winning notes on Clinical Medicine lectures delivered by Lunsford P. Yandell,Jr., professor of Materia Medica and Clinical Medicine at ULSM. Verbatim notes revealYandells personality, methods, opinions. Notebook is indexed and legible. Marrett graduated from University of Louisville Medical Department in 1874, and practiced in northern Kentucky.

Maupin, John W., M.D. [1832-1921], Papers

1852, RG 113, 1 item Maupin graduated from the Kentucky School of Medicine in 1853. This letter was written to his father when he was a student in 1852.

McAfee, George L., M.D. (1815-1883) Papers

1834-1902, RG 258, 1 item Portion of an accounts ledger for Hardin County physician, an 1845 graduate of the Louisville Medical Institute. Patient information is restricted.

McCarty, Thomas C., M.D. Papers, 1871-1915

RG 229, .1 lft Bound and edited photocopy of “Uncle Doc's Diary” written by Thomas C. McCarty, who attended University of Louisville Medical Department, 1866-1867.

McCormack Family Papers,

[1917-1955] RG 131, 12.75 lft. partially processed Papers of Arthur T. McCormack, M.D. (1872-1943), public health officer, and his wife, Jane Teare McCormack, documenting their careers in medicine and nursing, including information about World War I service and the Kentucky State Health Department. Scrapbooks, KMA journals (and Women’s Section Quarterlies), publications, manuscripts on public health issues, records of the Southern Medical Association Auxiliary.

McMurtry, Lewis S., Papers

1867-1919, RG 219, .25 lft Poems, photo album, articles, all gathered from Horine collection. Also notes on excision of a fibroid tumor.

Medical Advertisements & Broadsides Collection

17th-19th centuries, RG 238, 20 items Artificial collection of photocopies of picturesque illustrations of advertisements for patent medicines and physicians, and warnings of epidemics.

Medical Clinic, Student Notes,

1938-1939, RG 177, .1 lft. Notes by unknown student on clinic conducted by Dr. Tinsley R. Harrison and others, who were not University of Louisville School of Medicine faculty. Also some notes on journal articles.

"Medicine in Kentucky" Section,

Courier Journal, 1951, RG 198, 1 item Special section of the Courier-Journal, September 23, 1951, observing the centennial of the Kentucky Medical Association.

Medicine in Kentucky - WPA Research Materials

see WPA

Mendel, Robert W. (1925- ) Papers

1987-1992, RG 268, .5 lft Curriculum vitae and endodontics texts/workbooks and course materials from professor at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry.

Merry, William H. Student Notebook (R. O. Cowling Surgery Lectures)

1875-1876, RG 184, 1 item, 376 pp. Little is known about the medical student who created this handsome, carefully illustrated leather-bound notebook, except that he attended the University of Louisville Department of Medicine for two sessions, graduating in 1876. Notes are on lectures by Professor Richard O. Cowling (1839-1881) of UofL.

Metcalf, Elisha, M.D., Papers

1848, RG 125, 1 item Lecture notes of student at the University of Louisville Medical Department in 1848.

Miller, Henry M.D.(1800-1874), Papers

1822-1871, RG 166, .25 lft. Introductory lecture, Louisville Medical Institute, 1838; AMA presidential address on medical education, 1869; published thesis from Transylvania, 1822; notes on his lectures copied by W.W. Cochrane, 1848.

Myers, Raymond E. (1902-1988), D.D.S., Papers

1852-1863, RG 140, 3.5 lft Myers was Dean of the University of Louisville School of Dentistry from 1945 to 1969. collection includes articles on socialized dentistry and other topics; research materials for articles on dental casting, including U.S. Patents of casting machines, a history of University of Louisville School of Dentistry, speeches, memorabilia, articles about Central University of Kentucky, biographical sketches of Myers; glass plates; diploma and class picture of father,Marion L Myers, 1909.

National Association of Dental Examiners Records,

1883-1906, RG 159, .25 lft Typed carbons of constitution, minutes, example questions; proceedings, 1890-1892, 1902, 1906; reports to annual meetings.

Odontological Society Records

1906-1912, RG 157, .1 l ft Minutes and accounts of this dental society, in a bound ledger. See also .75 lft of records dating from 1895-1969 at the University of Louisville Archives and Records Center.

Oh, Kung-Sun, M.D.

(1878-1963), Papers, 1983, RG 208, .25 lft. Biography of 1907 Hospital College of Medicine graduate and Korea=s foremost dermatologist and dean of Severance Union Medical College in Seoul. (in Korean)

O'Rourke, John T., D.D.S. (1888-1948), Papers

1942, RG 151, 1 item, 216 pp Proceedings (ribbon copy) of ADA conferences and photos. O’Rourke was dean of the University of Louisville School of Dentistry from 1925 to 1944.

Palmer, Edward R. M.D. (1842 -1895), Lecture,

ca. 1893, RG 237, 1 item 21 pp. Longhand manuscript of lecture on copulation by University of Louisville Medical Department professor for medical and seminary students.

Perry, John L. Class Notes

1940-1945, RG 273, 1.75 lft (9 bound volumes) Mimeographed notes on University of Louisville School of Medicine classes, 1940-1945, from 1946 graduate

Pottinger, Louree Papers,

1922-1965, RG 252, .625 lft Memorabilia from Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing including photos, clippings, reference material on nursing, uniform components, and two essays by Pottinger.

Practitioners' Club of Louisville Records

1894-1910, RG 138, .25 lft Minutes, photo, and constitution of Louisville medical organization, initially named the Metropolitan Medical Society of Louisville.

Prewitt, George H., D.D.S., Papers

[1942-1952], RG 160, .25 lft. Typed notes on lectures by Dr. Allan G. Brodie at the University of Illinois on occlusion and orthodontia. (Restriction - Cannot be copied in toto)

Price, Mollie S., Papers,

1983-1985, RG 221, .75 lft. Essays for 1984 and 1985 University of Louisville School of Medicine yearbooks on the history of Louisville General Hospital and on the School of Medicine during World War II. Includes oral history tapes, photocopies of newsclippings, chronologies, drafts and illustrations.

Pusey, David C., M.D., Papers

ca. 1851-1854, RG 103, .25 lft (12 items) Student diary of life at UL (1853) and Jefferson College of Medicine, Philadelphia (1854), along with promissory notes, deeds, and accounts. Most of the diary entries are from Philadelphia (November 1853 to March 1854) and describe lectures and cases as well as social activities and travel.

Reference Collection,

RG 196, 16 lft. Artificial collection of material relating to medicine and the health professions and practice, and to medical/dental/nursing education, including but not limited to clippings, biographical sketches, reports, and brochures.

Registered Nurses in Kentucky, 1971

RG 282, .1lft List of registered nurses in Kentucky in 1971 by county and alphabetically.

Riley, Victorine Skaggs Murphy

Uniforms, ca. 1948, RG 262, .5 lft U.S. Cadet Corps nurse uniforms belonging to 1948 graduate of Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing.

Robertson, George A., M.D. (1872-1963), Papers,

1888-1919, RG 143, .5 lft Diaries (1908-1912; 1917-1919) of Louisville Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist who graduated from the University of Louisville Medical Department in 1896. Collection includes materials documenting Robertson’s World War I medical corps experience, such as diaries, two letters and news clippings on peace negotiations and war casualties..

Robinson, (Henrietta J.) Nettie Papers,

[1901-1920], RG 134, .5 lft. Photos, textbook, uniform, pin, programs from nurses' training at Dr. McMurtry's (Jennie Casseday Clinic for Women); also diploma from Jennie Casseday Training School for Nurses, 1901

Rowntree, Grady R., M.D. (1903-1992) Papers,

1872-1992, RG 279, 52 lft. Legal papers, family history materials, calendars and journals, correspondence, literary output, and other material documenting Rowntree’s career in industrial and occupational medicine and as a professor of medicine at the University of Louisville. Of note are materials on the Louisville/Jefferson County Board of Health (1930s-1980s); Louisville General Hospital and the Louisville General Hospital School of Nursing (1925-1980s); Fawcett-Dearing Company, Medical Department (1940s-1970s); Kentucky State Department of Health - Occupational Health Programs (1964-1975) and the Interagency Council on Alcohol Problems (1968-1973); University of Louisville School of Medicine (1937-1991); the Industrial Medical Association (1950s-1970s); the Occupational Medical Association (no dates) and the Louisville Automobile Club (1949-1992).

Shacklette, Warner J., M.D. (1871-1959)Office Records

early 20th century, RG 247, 3.6 lft Doctor's bag with medicine and instruments, including a hemometer, a micro saccharimeter, a B&L microscope, and hypodermic needles. Also six account books, one prescription register, and photographs. Patient information is restricted.

Shelby County Medical Association Records,

1872-1904, RG 145, .1 lft Minutes, including clinical discussions. These were donated as part of RG 144, the Beard Family Papers.

Short/Henry/Ridgely Family Papers,

1801-1879, RG 126, .75 lft Correspondence, journal, photographs, notes and typescript make up this collection centering on Frederick Ridgely (1757-1824), William Henry (1761-1824), John Flournoy Henry (1793-1873) and Jane Ann Short (1803-1841). These three families were prominent in Kentucky medical history and include articles by and about Dr. Charles Wilkins Short (1794-1863) and a family history compiled in 1879.

Simpson, James Y., M.D. (1811-1870) Collection

1862-1874, RG 231, 8 items Artificial collection of autographs, biographical sketches, and pictures relating to distinguished Scottish obstetrician-gynecologist and anesthetics pioneer and research scientist.

Smith, Albin Gilpin, (Alban Goldsmith) M.D. [1788-1865], Papers,

1821, RG 150, .25 lft Notes made as private student of Parrish (Philadelphia Alms House Hospital) on various subjects by Kentucky surgeon and key figure in securing charter for the Louisville Medical Institute in 1833. Smith moved on to Cincinnati with Daniel Drake at Ohio College of Medicine. He changed his name to Goldsmith in 1839

Smith, Donn L., M.D. (1915-, Collection,

1964-1968, RG 227, .75 lft Four large photo albums of color snapshots of banquets, awards ceremonies, groundbreaking, construction of the Health Sciences Campus buildings from the dean (1963-1969) of the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

Smith, Robert H. M.D. and Hugh G., Papers

1890-1893, 1968, RG 173, 3 items Commencement program, Louisville Medical College 1892; Ticket to Louisville Medical College, 1890-1891; Copy of letter from his father (Hugh G. Smith, M.D.), 1893.

Snyder, Eva Sesmer, R.N. (1894-1979), Papers,

1913-1919, 1978, RG 101, 1 lft plus artifacts This collection of artifacts and personal papers documents the World War I service of Eva Sesmer Snyder, a Russian émigré who lived all of her adult life in Louisville. The collection includes her World War I nurse’s uniform with all insignias and accessories, lecture notes from Jewish Hospital School of Nursing, 1913-1914, and official correspondence from the United States Army and the American Red Cross. There are also photographs of patients and staff of U.S. Base Hospital #40 at Sarisbury Court, in Southampton, England. SEE ALSO: The Eva Sesmer Snyder and Herbert Mitchell Snyder Collection at the University of Louisville Archives and Records Center.

Sons of Temperance Record Book,

1853, RG 286 The Annual Oration of the Physiological Temperance Society of the University of Louisville, delivered by appointment February 6, 1847 by Reuben Anderson. 15pps. Record book of the Sons of Temperance, Grand Division of Ketucky at Saltillo (now Goshen) Kentucky, 1853 to 1862. Bound book of minutes and treasurer’s reports for this organization that was associated with the Old Pythagoras Masonic Lodge at Goshen, approximately 100 pages.

Soderberg, Col. Bernard N., M.D., Papers,

ca. 1930-1954, RG 170, 3.25 lft. Photographs, drawings, x-rays of plastic surgery patients (mainly World War II and Korean War casualties) of a Marine physician; along with a small amount of reprints, certificates, diplomas, and photographs.

Southeast Indiana Comprehensive Health Planning Council Records

1974-1976, RG 108, .5 lft This Council was organized to assist government officials in matters relating to individual, family, and community health and to promote a health environment within the state. The collection consists of minutes, newsletters, reports, and articles on health facilities planning.

Southwestern Homeopathic Medical College Records

1894-1909, RG 203, 5 items Photocopies of annual announcements for this Louisville medical school, originals at the National Library of Medicine.

Sprau, Robert, D.D.S. (1888-1968), Papers,

1892-1960, RG 141, 3.5 lft Mementos of late 19th century Louisville College of Dentistry including announcements, programs, for History of Kentucky Dentistry, 1636-1960. Also addresses on dental economics, health insurance, and minutes of the Kentucky State Dental Association (1860-1861), along with lists of Kentucky dentists and American Dental Association rhetoric on social security in 1930s and 1940s.

Spurling, R. Glen, M.D. (1894-1968) Papers

1923-1960, RG 182, 1.25 lft Spurling earned an M.D. from Harvard and trained at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital before becoming a surgery faculty member at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1925. He is also known as the physician who attended General George Patton in 1945. Papers consist of chapters, correspondence and reviews relating to four books, 1935-1959; bibliography; reprints (1923-1960); typescript manuscript of one article; and diplomas.

Temperance, Sons of

See Sons of Temperance

Thomas, Robert P., D.D.S. (1891- ), Papers,

1933-1951, RG 132, 3.75 lft Proceedings, reports, minutes, financial records, correspondence, and surveys reflecting Robert P. Thomas’ participation in the American Dental Association, the Kentucky State Dental Association and the state and national boards of dental examiners.

Todd, Francis Walton, M.D. (1816-1898), Papers,

ca. 1880-1882, RG 123, .5 lft This collection consists of the travel diaries from trip to Europe of physician born in Bardstown, educated in Cincinnati, and who practiced in New Orleans and California

Town, Rufus R., M.D., Papers,

1841-1842, RG 110, 4 items 1842 membership certificates to Louisville Medical Society and Physiological Temperance Society of Louisville Medical Institute, and a catalog for 1841-1842.

Translyvania University Records,

1828-1844, RG 207, .25 lft Annual announcements/catalogs, presidential address (1828), diploma (1844)

Turner Louisville City Hospital Photographs

ca. 1920-1922, 1930, RG 179, 120 items 76 lantern slides of Louisville General Hospital and University of Louisville Medical School scenes; 38 glossy black and white prints, same subjects, by Dr. Henry Turner; 18 portraits of Louisville and Kentucky physicians and women’s auxiliary and leaders of the Southern Medical Association, 1930.

Tyner, Paul H. and Myrtie A. Collection

1940-1979, RG 251, 3 lft This collection of material was found in the trash by the donor, and is apparently a reference file kept by Louisville chiropractors, Paul H. and Myrtie A. Tyner. Mostly newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pamphlets, and chapters from textbooks, the material is undated and arranged in alphabetical order. See also RG 1025, medical instruments donated by the Tyners in 1986.

University Hospital Records, a.k.a. Louisville General Hospital; Louisville City Hospital,

1886-1983, RG 162, 1.5 lft This institution began as Louisville Hospital Company in 1817, admitting its first patients in1823. It was known as the Louisville Marine Hospital until 1849, when the U. S. Marine Hospital was built. From then on it was the Louisville City Hospital, until the name changed to Louisville General Hospital in 1942. In 1983, Humana HealthCare took over the management and the name was changed again to Humana Hospital University, and then to Columbia/HCA Hospital University as the parent company’s name changed. Collection includes a casebook, 1886-1889; annual reports, 1936-1940 and 1955; reports by health agencies, consultants, etc.; manuals and formulary; photograph, 1911; and newsclippings re: Humana/Louisville GeneralHospital, 1981-1983. University of Louisville Archives and Records Center.

Verhoeff Family Papers,

[18?]-1967, RG 133, .875 lft Portraits; letters, reports, and lectures to medical students by Carolyn Verhoeff, officer of Humane Society, 1927-1967, bulk 1940s. Verhoeff inspected animal care areas, lobbied the city and the University of Louisville on animal rights.

Visiting Nurse Association Records

[1909-1993], RG 216, 2.5 lft. Photos, studies, clippings, histories, brochures, and small amount of correspondence about this non-profit organization that provides healthcare and education in the homes of convalescents and the chronically ill. It began as the King’s Daughters District Nurse Association in 1890, merged with the Babies Milk Fund in 1919 and became the Public Health Nursing Association until 1935, when it took the current name. Some microfilmed annual reports.

Vonderbeck, J. Henry, M.D., Papers

ca. 1870s, RG 114, (1 item) Handwritten manuscript "recipe" book with prescriptions for illnesses of both humans and animals along with symptoms, and formulae for tonic, cologne, soap, etc. may have been createdby J. Henry Vonderbeck, M.D.

Waverly Hills Training School for Nurses Records

1910-1917, RG 194, .1 lft Ledger with two pages per student, showing previous education, enrollment, graduation or resignation, dates, next of kin, health status. This school, operated from 1910-1917, affiliated with Louisville City Hospital School of Nursing in 1912.

Weiss, Morris M., M.D. (1901-1963) Papers,

ca. 1808-1956, RG 146, 3.5 lft Reprints on cardiology, hypertension, medical biography and history collected by Louisville cardiologist. Arranged alphabetically by author or title.

Weiss, Morris M., M.D. (1901-1963) Photo Collection

1947-1949, RG 246, .25 lft Fifty-three photographs (8x10 glossies) taken of local hospitals, medical school, clinics, medical fraternity houses.

Wells, Horace Anesthesia Collection

1933-1944, RG 244, .2 lft Material from old Dental Library vertical file, gathered for the 1944 centenary celebration of Well's use of nitrous oxide for tooth extraction. Student essays and published articles about Wells, photos and facsimiles of 19th century documents and programs of events dedicated to Wells in 1944. Also included correspondence from the American Dental Association regarding an essay contest. See also RG 120, Emmet F. Horine Collection.

West End Medical Society Records,

1903, RG 181, 1 item Group portrait of Louisville physicians, J.G. Sherrill, Samuel Manly, H.H. Grant, F.H. Johanboeke, B.A.Garr, T.E. Gosnell, J.K. Freeman, W.T. Bruner, J.W. Drake, E.H. Koch, E.Lee Heflin, G.F. Payne, and J.T. Blackburn

Willis, Thomas N. (1854-1916) Notes

1877-1878, RG 272, .1 lft Bound student notes on diseases of the chest which earned honorable mention for the Bennett H. Young prize. Willis attended Hospital College of Medicine for two years, graduating in 1879. He practiced in Spencer and Shelby County before settling in Louisville.

Wilson, Frank N., M.D. (1890-1952), Lectures on Electro-Cardiography

[1947], RG 210, .25 lft Microfilmed notes on or for lectures by Frank N. Wilson, a pioneer in the refinement of electrocardiography, at the University of Michigan. Two reels of film and photographic prints of approximately 1000 illustrations.

Winter, James E. (1895-1970) & Margaret Dugan, Papers

1925-1970, RG 222, .25 lft. Memoirs of J.E. Winter, M.D. and the typed manuscript, along with reprints and photograph. Winter graduated from University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1923 and practiced in suburban Louisville, as well as serving on the faculty of the school from 1925 to 1948. Also included is a diary of Margaret Dugan Winter, RN, from service France in World War I.

Woods, N.M. Photographic Collection,

ca. 1874-1876, RG 274, 15 items Photos of Woods’ classmates at Louisville Medical College and Kentucky School of Medicine. Also receipt for enrollment in 1874.

WPA Research Materials,

1937-1940, RG 127, 17.5 lft The working files of the Writers’ Project of the Works Project Administration. Which collected data for a jointly written history of medicine in Kentucky. The files include short biographies and information about medical organizations and facilities.

Yandell Family Collection,

ca. 1825-1884, RG 188, 1 lft. Prints of a scrapbook (mainly clippings) documenting career of Lunsford P. Yandell, the European trips of his sons, the Louisville Medical Institute controversies of the 1830s-1850s. Also collection of manuscripts, publications and photocopied reference material by and about Lunsford P. Yandell (1805-1878), David Wendel Yandell (1826-1898) and Lunsford P. Yandell, Jr. (1837-1884), all of whom served on the ULSM Medical faculty in the 19th century.