Ekstrom Library Policies

Building Use Policies

After Hours Study Room

When Ekstrom Library closes for the evening, the Tulip Tree Café turns into an after hours study room. Entry to the study room is gained by presenting a valid UofL ID card. UofL students are not allowed to bring non-UofL guests to the room.


Bicycles are not permitted in the building (except for those belonging to Public Safety officers).

Approved, Ekstrom Services Group, 4/19/2006

Cell Phone Use

Please respect other library users' need for quiet and observe these guidelines for cell phone use in the library.

  • Turn off your cell phone ringer (or put the phone on a non-noise setting) upon entering the building.
  • Cell phone use is acceptable only in the following areas:
    • Entrance Lobby
    • Tulip Tree Café
  • Keep conversations short and your voice lowered when using cell phones in the above designated areas.

The library reserves the right to ask individuals to leave the building if they are using cell phones in non-designated areas, or are creating a general disturbance in any area of the library.

Quiet Study Areas

Third and fourth floors as well as the Kersey Reading Room on the second floor are designated as quiet study areas.

Wireless Access for Guests

The University makes provision for guests (non-UofL visitors) to obtain wireless access for their laptops on a temporary short-term basis. See Wireless Access for Guests. Guest access must be requested by a faculty or staff member, or activated directly by Information Technology (IT). The library does not request guest access for users. Any person wanting to get such access should contact IT in person or by phone at (502)852-7997.

Policy established by Ekstrom Services Group, 10/17/07.