Transferring Records to the University Archives & Records Center

The University Archives and Records Center provides secure storage of both permanent and non-permanent records, together with file retrieval and refiling services, free of charge, provided that the records are inactive (requiring 1-2 file pulls per month or less). UARC does not presently have staffing or facilities to act as a storage facility for active records; such records should be retained in the office if practical. The following steps will outline the procedure for transferring records to UARC. Offices should contact the University Archives and Records Center to discuss transfer of materials before such transfers occur.

Assigning a retention period/destruction date

The first step is to determine the appropriate retention period for the records. Are the records permanent or non-permanent? U of L creates vast quantities of records, but only a very small portion of them are considered permanent. Permanent records are those having enduring legal, administrative, fiscal, and/or historical value. Some examples: correspondence documenting major functions or policies of a unit; procedures manuals; minutes of meetings from the office of origin; University operating budgets; annual, special, or summary reports; audits; and certain university publications. Records falling under these guidelines should be sent to the University Archives on a regular basis. In most cases, the office should retain the previous two years as active files.

For non-permanent records, the proper retention period and destruction date for the records must be determined in advance. If there are questions about the appropriate retention period, the Archives can help determine the destruction date for the records. Under no circumstances will non-permanent records be accepted into the University Archives and Records Center without a destruction date assigned at the time of transfer. No records will be destroyed, at any time, without the express permission of the office of origin. If there are legal reasons to withhold destruction past the mandated destruction date (for example, a pending audit, open records request, or legal action) then the records will be placed on a litigation hold from destruction and may not be destroyed, lost, or altered under any circumstances. But a definite destruction date must be assigned up front before the records may be transferred.

Placing Files in Boxes

The Archives’ shelving is designed to fit the acid-free record storage boxes that can be obtained from the U of L stockroom (item #7520-0370). Other boxes, such as copier paper boxes, moving company boxes, and “bankers” boxes do not fit on the shelving. Records in non-standard boxes may be rejected for transfer!

If the records are in regular file folders, simply transfer the folders into the storage boxes. If the records are in binders or hanging file folders, please remove them and place them in regular file folders. Place the files upright in the boxes in the order in which they were maintained as current files. Number each container consecutively on the lower left hand corner of the side of the box.

Downloading the transmittal form

The University Archives transmittal form may be downloaded from this link word doc. Please save this file to the directory of your choice on your PC and open it using Microsoft Word. Complete the non-shaded areas by adding in your contact information for your department and listing the boxes that you wish to transfer beneath the solid line. After you are done listing the boxes, we recommend that you use Save As from the File menu to save it under a name reflecting your department (for example, Political Science July 2011 Transmittal.doc).

Then email the transmittal file to the University Archives email. The file must be transmitted electronically and in Word format (not PDF or hard copy) so that the Archives staff may complete the shaded areas with the unique accession number and shelf location of the boxes; once the accession number and location are assigned, the Archives will return the completed transmittal form to you for your records.

Transferring records

Once the Archives has received your emailed transmittal form, Archives staff will contact you to resolve any questions about the transfer and to notify you that UARC is ready to receive the boxes. At that point you may complete the form for a Chargeable Service Request and Physical Plant will pick up your boxes and deliver them to UARC’s space in Ekstrom Library (for permanent records) or UARC’s warehouse spaces (for non-permanent records). UARC staff will receive and shelve the records and complete the shaded area of the transmittal form with a unique accession number and shelf location. This completed transmittal will be returned to you via email within a few weeks.