Selected Transcripts Online

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Interview transcripts currently online are:

Mike Barrypdf
An interview conducted July 1, 1981, with local journalist Mike Barry (1909-1992), one-time proprietor of the Kentucky Irish-American, and sports columnist for the Louisville Courier-Journal and Times, as part of the Courier-Journal and Times project conducted by the Oral History Center with support from the Kentucky Oral History Commission. Interviewed by Mary D. Bobo.

Mayor Charles P. Farnsleypdf
A 1975 interview conducted by Charles F. Harbison about Farnsley's mayoral and political career.

Harlan Hubbard
A series of interviews conducted in 1987 with naturalist, artist, and author Harlan Hubbard (1900-1988) by Joanne Weeter:
June 15, 1987pdf
June 29, 1987pdf
July 8, 1987pdf
July 8, 1987 and July 14, 1987pdf
July 14, 1987pdf
August 17, 1987pdf
September 24, 1987pdf
September 24, 1987pdf
September 28, 1987pdf
September 28, 1987pdf
October 1, 1987pdf

Lieutenant Governor Thelma Stovallpdf
A transcript of a 1977 interview by Sharon Hall and Janice Stieneker concerning Stovall's career as a labor leader and politician.

Other oral history materials, including some transcripts, are available for use in the reading rooms of the University Archives and Records Center. For a list of many of our interviews, visit our online list of oral histories. A limited number of interviews with members of Louisville's African American community, are available via our Digital Collections website.