2015 Brandeis grad receives Social Justice Research Award for best graduate paper

2015 Brandeis School of Law graduate Leah Gravius was awarded the Social Justice Research Award from the Anne Braden Institute for having the best graduate paper at the University of Louisville. The award honors a student writing about a social justice topic in a way that engages diverse identities.

The title of Gravius’ paper is “Evening the Score: Why Existing Laws are Insufficient to Adequately Address the Consequences of Revenge Porn and an Argument for the Criminalization of Revenge Porn as a Sex Offense."

The paper argues that revenge porn should be classified as a federal sex offense. Professor Jamie Abrams called it provocative, timely and incredibly well researched.

“It is a superb, publishable paper that she researched and wrote independently for her Upper Level Writing Requirement in Women and the Law,” Professor Abrams said. “This is a wonderful honor for Leah and very well deserved.”