2015 alum focuses on outreach, advocacy for elderly, rural Kentuckians

Andrew LakinSince the coronavirus pandemic has taken hold, lawyers have had to turn to technology when serving their clients. But for Andrew Lakin, whose client base is elderly, rural Kentuckians, technology isn't always an easy solution.

"Doing tech-based webinars or the like, while great in theory, we're not sure how well that's going to work out in practice," he says. "The entire virus situation has made so many things so complicated."

Since July, Lakin has been serving as a fellow with the Elder Justice Program, a two-year fellowship coordinated by Equal Justice Works. Hosted by Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, he is helping the elderly population through direct legal representation and community outreach to identify elder abuse in rural Kentucky. As part of his fellowship, he also runs trainings for other legal service providers and non-legal service providers on how to best assist rural Kentucky’s aging community.

Lakin works closely with Kentucky's Long-Term Care Ombudsman program, which refers cases to his office. He also works with other lawyers and agencies on aging throughout the commonwealth to share outreach and resources, such as signs of elder abuse.

Lakin, who was already working at Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, says that an interest in public service motivated him to apply for the fellowship.

"I've always liked public service and trying to help those who are underrepresented and out in the rural areas who might not realize they have opportunities for help," he says.

“Equal Justice Works is proud to support Andrew in his efforts to bring more visibility to the issue of elder abuse and exploitation, so that more victims will come forward and receive the help they need in rural Kentucky,” says Allie Yang-Green, senior program manager at Equal Justice Works. “We are grateful to Louisville Law for nurturing his passion for public service.”