Submit Application Materials

A complete application package must be submitted by January 18, 2019 and includes:

  1. Application Form documenting biographical information, employment status and educational indebtedness.
  2. Most recent statement for each outstanding education loan, irrespective of its repayment status.
  3. Completed Employment Certification(s).
  4. Current resume.
  5. A Personal Statement, not exceeding 750 words in 12 point or higher font. The statement should
    1. describe how your current job duties demonstrate your commitment to public service and meet the criteria for Qualifying Employment;
    2. describe past employment and past and current activities demonstrating your commitment to public service;
    3. explain what you will do with the money that otherwise would have gone to loan repayment if you receive an award.
  6. Individual federal income tax return(s), including all attachments and schedules, for tax year 2017 for the applicant and the applicant’s spouse if applicant was married (filing jointly or separately) during that tax year.
  7. Other documentation may be required based on individual circumstances. Keep a copy of all LRAP materials for your records.

Applicant Information
Application Materials
Scan each of document (or set of related documents) and submit using the appropriate fields below.