2006 Events

Mexican Writer Cecilia Urbana Presents Keynote Spanish Address at the Annual UofL 20th Century Lecture and Culture Conference.

Elin Luque, Professor of the Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm, Presents a Lecture on a Popular Mexican Art Form.

Cultivating Equality in Brazil: The Landless Rural Workers Movement.

Claudia Gómez Haro, Director of the Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm, Lectures on Africa’s Presence in     Contemporary Cuban Art.

LAS Co-sponsors the Spanish Club’s Celebration: A Moment in Latin America.

Alejandro Portes Delivers the 5th Annual LAS Heritage Lecture: “The New Latin Nation: Immigration & the     Hispanic Population of the US.”

Living La Vida Loca 2006: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage.

Day of the Dead Event at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.

U of L’s XII Annual Latin American Film Festival and the Latin American Jewish Film Festival.