Downtown Day of the Dead Celebration

El Día de los Muertos blends indigenous and Catholic traditions to celebrate and honor the lives of deceased family members and friends who return each year in November to pay their loved ones a visit. Traditionally, November 1st, el Día de los Angelitos (the Day of the Little Angels), deceased children are remembered, while November 2nd, El Día de los Muertos (All Souls Day), adults who have passed away are honored. Altars are erected in houses and decorated with photos of loved ones, candles, flowers, and their favorite foods and beverages, all in preparation for the long journey these souls will make to visit their loved ones. Families also visit cemeteries and decorate the grave sites of their family members with flowers, candles, and food.

2017 Celebration
2015 Altar: Loved Ones of Hotel Louisville Employees
2014 Altar: Nelson Mandela
2013 Altar: Martin Luther King Jr. (50th Anniversary of his "I Have a Dream" Speech) and Local Champions of Civil Rights
2012 Altar: Thomas Merton
2011 Altar: The Legacy of Community and UofL Leaders
2010 Altar: Haitian and Chilean Earthquake Victims
2009 Altar: The Yuma 14
2008 Altar: César Iván Aguilar Cano