Language Requirement for Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires students to reach an intermediate level of study for a single foreign language. The Bachelor of Science degree requires students to study a foreign language for two complete semesters. To fulfill this requirement students can take classes in one of the ten languages offered by the Department of Classical & Modern Languages. Please refer to the charts below to determine which course you need to meet your degree requirement. 

Language Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Sciences
Arabic ARAB 123, 142, or higher ARAB 122, 141 or higher
American Sign Language ASL 202 or higher ASL 102 or higher
Chinese CHNS 202 or higher CHNS 102 or higher
French FREN 201 or higher FREN 122 or higher
German GERM 123, 142, or higher GERM 122, 141 or higher
Greek & Latin GR or LAT 202 or higher GR or LAT 102 or higher
Japanese JAPN 202 or higher JAPN 102 or higher
Russian RUSS 123 or higher RUSS 122 or higher
Spanish SPAN 123 or higher SPAN 122, 141 or higher

*Hours are approximate