Assistant Professor of Spanish


Mr. Tim Ashe, Jr. (Ph.D in Spanish Applied Linguistics) is a Term Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics at UL. He has over 12 years of experience teaching adult and adolescent students of all ages in both Spanish and English and specializes in Applied Linguistics research. He has taught on three different continents (North America, South America, and Europe) and presents and publishes on a variety of linguistic topics all across the world. 

Dr. Ashe’s research interests include Bilingual Education, Heritage Language Research, Intercultural Competence and Sensitivity, Transcultural Competence, Technology in Language Education and Computer Assisted Language Learning, Pragmatics, Study Abroad Immersion Programs as a tool for learning language, Spanish for Specific Purposes, Language Pedagogy and Bilingualism.

Dr. Ashe speaks English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian. He also has reading proficiency in French and Catalan and is currently studying Irish.

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