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KPPC Recorded Webinars

Compilation of recorded webinars created and conducted by KPPC.

Keeping Focus: Energy Efficiency in Kentucky Schools

Learn about the Kentucky Energy in Education Collaborative as well as tools, resources and tips to help move Kentucky school districts forward with their energy management initiatives through April 2012.
Watch the Keeping Focus webinar

Stakeholder Buy-in

Kentucky school districts share ideas about how to gain support for energy management programs through effective awareness campaigns and communications plans.
Watch the Stakeholder Buy-in webinar

External Awards: Becoming a Leader in Energy Management

Learn how recognizing school district energy management program achievements sustains momentum and support for the program, establishes a sense of pride for district administrators, faculty, staff and students who dedicate their time, effort and energy to the program, and validates the program's goals.
Watch the External Awards webinar

Starting Student-led Energy Teams

Learn how to establish student-led energy teams throughout the school district, see examples of successful student-led energy teams and find out what resources are available to help build and maintain a successful energy team.
Watch the Student-led Energy Teams webinar

Setting a Goal and Creating an Action Plan

Learn the value of setting energy performance goals, which help school districts measure their energy program's work and progress and focus efforts to develop an effective energy action plan.
Watch the Setting a Goal webinar

Managing a School's Outside Air Exchange for Indoor Air Quality

This webinar offers guidance on the proper management of a school’s indoor air quality (IAQ), which affects the energy performance of the school building as well as the health and well-being of the school's most precious commodity - the students.
Watch the School's Outside Air Exchange webinar

Using School Energy Competitions to Drive Energy Savings

See how energy competitions among schools within the district generate interest in district-wide energy-saving initiatives. This webinar also features demonstrations of the KEEPS Energy Report Card and the KEEPS Energy Checklist energy performance assessment tools.
Watch the Using School Energy Competitions webinar

Energy Star Portfolio Manager: Benchmarking for Kentucky's K-12 Schools

Learn how to use the Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool to track, verify, benchmark, report and target improvements for facility energy usage across your school district's entire portfolio of buildings in a secure, online environment.
Watch the Energy Star Portfolio Manager webinar

Best Energy Management Practices for Facility Operating Systems

This webinar features the latest research in cost-effective, energy-efficient school design, strategies for managing a school district's facility controls as well as energy performance issues and trends discovered from more than 100 on-site energy efficiency assessments conducted by KEEPS in school districts across Kentucky.
Watch the Best Energy Management Practices webinar

Lowering the Cost of Your Compressed Air System

Learn about the true cost of compressed air systems in this webinar. Compressed air systems have a valuable place in industry, but left unchecked can quickly become a liability to your facility. With the ever-increasing prices of energy, lowering any variable cost is essential.
Watch the Compressed Air System webinar

Understanding Power Factor

KPPC's environmental sustainability engineers explore the basics of Power Factor and Power Factor correction. Participants develop an understanding of why Power Factor is important to both industrial facilities and utility companies, and learn about the benefits and drawbacks of common correction methods. Real examples from industrial facilities illustrate how having a low Power Factor can increase utility bill charges and negatively affect production equipment.
Watch the Understanding Power Factor webinar

Demand Management

KPPC's environmental sustainability engineers explore the basics of demand pricing, smart metering equipment, securing/formatting demand interval data and using data to find opportunities for energy savings and load shedding/shifting opportunities. Real examples from industrial and large commercial facilities are shared to develop load profiles, time-of-day analysis and powerful illustrations of potential energy and demand savings that can be used to communicate the potential and achieved savings with your staff members.
Watch the Demand Management webinar

Wind Energy in Kentucky

An overview of wind energy potential in the Commonwealth, an industry perspective on wind power in Kentucky and a look at collecting wind speed data for small scale wind projects.
Watch the Wind Energy webinar

KPPC: An Award-Winning Energy Program

KPPC Executive Director Cam Metcalf discusses the Center’s nationally-recognized efforts that help Kentucky industries make significant, long-term reductions in their energy usage. This session was hosted by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable.
Watch the Energy Program webinar

Water Efficiency

Designed for production managers, facility engineers, plant managers and pre-treatment operators, this Webinar explores the importance of water conservation and how to track and reduce water consumption. This session was the first in a regional training series developed by the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center to help guide facilities toward improvements in environmental performance and cost savings through implementation of pollution prevention opportunities.
Watch the Water Efficiency webinar

Area Source Boiler Rule

In this two part Webinar series, the Kentucky Division for Air Quality, the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance and the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center provide an overview of the Area Source Boiler Rule issued by the U.S. EPA. The first Webinar addresses the basics of the Area Source Boiler Rule to assist with determining whether a boiler is subject to the requirements of the rule. The second Webinar provides insight into the tune-up and energy assessment requirements for affected boilers.
Watch the Area Source Boiler Rule webinars


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