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“The assessments conducted by KPPC demonstrated that in addition to the environmental benefits waste prevention and recycling offer, waste reduction improves operational efficiency and reduces costs. Prior to our partnership with KPPC we recycled 83% of the waste we generated, but an audit of our trash showed that nearly 50% of what was in our compactor could also have been recycled.  Since 2007, we’ve reduce our annual contributions to the landfill by 47 tons or nearly 41%.”

-- Terry Gill, President and CEO, Louisville-based FetterGroup

KPPC works with your business to help evaluate office, warehouse and stockroom operations.  We make recommendations for improved efficiencies, and help identify opportunities, outlets and resources for minimizing waste.  Our business clients represent many different sectors, from small automotive repair shops and retail locations to hotels and large-scale printers.

Learn more about KPPC's technical services to see how we can assist you.

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