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Now Available: New KEEPS Energy Management Toolkits

New KEEPS Energy Management Toolkits for Step 3 and Step 7 of the Energy Management Process

To facilitate Kentucky school districts through the seven-step energy management process, KEEPS recently released new KEEPS Energy Management Toolkits. The new toolkits include presentations and supporting documents for Step 3 of the energy management process - Set Performance Goals and Step 7 - Recognize Achievements. They are available to download in the KEEPS Training System and KEEPS Toolkit Library tabs on the KEEPS website,

Set Performance Goals

In the context of energy management, setting a performance goal helps all involved in the district's energy management program understand how much less energy the district wants to consume and where the district currently stands with respect to achieving that goal. Measuring progress toward the goal demonstrates the success of the school district's energy management program and the efforts of the district's energy management team. Also, it lays the foundation as the district begins work on Step 4 of the energy management process - Create an Action Plan.
View the Step 3 KEEPS Energy Management Toolkits.

Recognize Achievements

Recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors sustains momentum and support for the district's energy management program and instills a sense of pride and ownership in the program among district administrators, faculty, staff and students. Further, recognition and awards demonstrate the appreciation of the time, effort and energy everyone puts into helping the district reach its energy performance goal and validates the program to district stakeholders.

KEEPS Stewardship Award

KEEPS Stewardship AwardIn addition to creating their own opportunities for recognizing achievements, school districts are encouraged to identify and pursue opportunities for external recognition. The KEEPS Stewardship Award is one of three awards available through the KEEPS Awards Program and recognizes school districts that complete Step 1 of the energy management process - Make the Commitment.
View the Step 7 KEEPS Energy Management Toolkits.

Coming Soon: Toolkits for Step 2 - Assess Performance & Opportunities

KEEPS engineers and energy managers work closely with school district energy managers and energy teams to assess the energy performance of school buildings in each district. Efforts are currently underway to make the assessment tools that KEEPS uses to generate energy efficiency assessment reports available online as part of the KEEPS Training System. Watch future issues of KEEPS Moving Forward, the KEEPS website, the KEEPS Facebook page and special training announcements for information about when these materials become available.

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