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Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Projects Recognized

KPPC receives MVP2 award for Process Water Management program.

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Louisville, Ky. - Sept. 19, 2008

On Sept. 18, KPPC—the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center—received a Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) Award for its Process Water Management program. The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) has sponsored the MVP2 Awards program since 1999 to recognize outstanding and innovative projects and programs.

Combined, this year's winners reduced pollution by nearly 19 million pounds, conserved more than 7.5 kilowatts of energy and reduced water consumption by 27 million gallons a year, while cutting costs by over $1 million.  Jeffrey Burke, Executive Director of NPPR, stated, "These organizations have clearly demonstrated that pollution prevention is beneficial to both the environment and the economy.  They are being recognized for their leadership and commitment to promoting a sustainable future."  The five 2008 project award winners represent state government agencies, industries and non-profits from across the country.

KPPC’s Process Water Management (PWM) program helps organizations identify processes where pollution prevention technologies can be used to reduce environmental impacts at a profit.  In KPPC’s experience, mostly low-cost and no-cost measures have been identified through the PWM program and in one instance, a company spent $350 and is saving $70,000 annually. Another company spent $50,000 on technology upgrades and realized full payback in less than one year.  Since 2002, the PWM program has helped Kentucky businesses and industries reduce their water usage by tens of millions of gallons per year.

 Since 2002, KPPC's Process Water Management program has helped Kentucky businesses and industries reduce their water usage by tens of millions of gallons per year, using mostly low-cost and no-cost measures.

The PWM program was developed as part of KPPC’s Technology Diffusion Initiative which brings technical information, demonstration and deployment with proven, cost-saving technologies to Kentucky businesses and industries.  It can be replicated by other organizations and can be applied to nearly every water-intensive process.

The 2008 MVP2 Awards were presented during P2 Week (Sept. 15-21), a national pollution prevention awareness campaign.  A panel of national P2 experts chose the project award winners based on five criteria:  innovation, measurable results, transferability, commitment and optimization of available project resources.  The winners are:

  • Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center (KPPC)
  • Harris Corporation Broadcast Communication Division
  • Illinois Sustainable Technology Center: The Cutting Edge Partnership
  • Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act Program
  • New England Mercury Task Force

KPPC is based at the University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering.  Visit for information about NPPR.

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