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2010 KPPC Environmental Sustainability Awards

Kentucky Companies Recognized for Environmental Sustainability Efforts

September 23, 2010

KPPC is proud to announce that FetterGroup and Kindred Healthcare, both of Louisville, are winners of the Center's 2010 Environmental Sustainability Award.  The award recognizes KPPC client companies that have demonstrated a commitment to the principles of sustainability: ensuring the social well-being not only of their company as a whole, but also their employees and the community around them; identifying opportunities and implementing environment-related improvements to their facility; and enhancing economic outcomes related to savings from environmental improvements.

Both companies receiving the award this year have well-developed programs and teams, and their recent activities have spanned the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability.


FetterGroup's Social and Environmental Sustainability
Team members accepting the award
2010 Environmental Sustainability Award - FetterGroup

With a strong vision and continuous support from senior management, FetterGroup focuses heavily on environmental sustainability throughout its facility.  The company's waste management initiatives have included working with its suppliers to reduce packaging materials, reusing materials like cardboard corners and slip sheets from incoming printing plates, and shifting to recyclable plastic skids for use within the facility.  FetterGroup's efforts have reduced their solid waste pickup by 40 percent, and over 95 percent of their waste goes somewhere other than a landfill.  The company has also aggressively pursued energy efficiency, adding capacitors to improve power factors, installing new motors and variable speed drives for air handlers, and installing motion sensor lighting controls in all common areas.  Since 2007, FetterGroup has implemented technologies and practices that have reduced the facility's energy consumption by 32 percent.

The company has worked with KPPC, U.S. DOE, ENERGY STAR®, WasteWise, and other organizations to build its environmental sustainability program, and has openly shared its experiences with other industries and commercial facilities.  Presenting the award, KPPC Executive Director Cam Metcalf said, “Over the years, we’ve worked with a lot of companies that perform random acts of excellence – but without a systematic approach, those activities are always hard to sustain.  FetterGroup, on the other hand, has shown a long-term commitment to environmental sustainability, and we would like to thank you for being the company you are, the example you are in this community, and for being such a great partner for KPPC."

Kindred Healthcare

Kindred Healthcare team members accepting award
2010 Environmental Sustainability Award - Kindred Healthcare

Kindred Healthcare employees have formed a Sustainability Think Tank and have started implementing a variety of environmental and efficiency projects.  At the company's downtown Louisville headquarters facility, Kindred has introduced a full line of eco-products at its on-site cafe, replacing “to go” containers, cups and packaging with 100 percent biodegradable, compostable, plant-based plastic products.  The company has also instituted an extensive facility-wide recycling program and recently completed its 1st annual Commuter Challenge, urging employees to bike, walk, take the bus or carpool to work.  Earlier this year, the company worked with KPPC to complete an on-site assessment of the facility's energy usage, and has signed onto the Kentucky Save Energy Now initiative, pledging to reduce its energy consumption by 2.5 percent over the next 10 years.  Kindred also supported Louisville’s participation in the ENERGY STAR® Kilowatt Crackdown.

Accepting the award, Kindred Healthcare's Sr. Director of Corporate Facility Management, Stephanie Warren, thanked the many employees and partners who have worked with her and her team to get their environmental sustainability program off the ground.  She also thanked KPPC's engineering team for their contribution, saying that, "they've been so enthusiastic in working with us that it's really energized our efforts."

P2 Week

This is the second year KPPC has presented the Environmental Sustainability Awards in conjunction with national Pollution Prevention (P2) Week, a national awareness campaign that encourages individuals, businesses, and government to emphasize and highlight their pollution prevention and sustainability activities and achievements, expand current pollution prevention efforts and commit to new actions.  The week (September 20-26) is a time when businesses, environmental groups and citizens can join forces for a common cause.  By sharing information about P2, businesses can become more competitive, businesses and government can realize cost savings, and environmental quality can be enhanced.

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