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The 25x'25 Roadmap for Kentucky - Charting Kentucky's Renewable Energy Future

The Roadmap is available as a pdf download.

In July 2008, KREC published a comprehensive report that established a vision and a set of recommendations to launch a state-wide renewable energy and energy efficiency initiative for the Commonwealth. The report - 25x'25 Roadmap for Kentucky recommends and supports an ambitious, yet achievable goal for Kentucky.

The 25x'25 Roadmap for Kentucky was created as a guide for stakeholders to find common ground for cooperation and to provide information vital to future planning and decision-making.

KREC is a supporting partner of the 25x'25 National Initiative and endorses the organization's goals and principles. The national 25x'25 organization is a grassroots renewable energy initiative backed by businesses, organizations and individuals united by a common interest in making America's energy future more secure, affordable and environmentally sustainable. KREC joined the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Kentucky Farm Bureau, the Kentucky House of Representatives and the former governor of Kentucky in endorsing the 25x'25 goals as outlined in the 25x'25 Action Plan: Charting America's Future.

KREC complements Kentucky Governor Beshear's 7-Point Strategy for Energy Independence, released in November 2008, by leveraging state and federal funds to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy research and development by Kentucky's colleges and universities that will benefit Kentucky's citizens, communities and industries.


Kentucky 25x'25 Legislative Prospectus

The Prospectus is available as a pdf download.

In the February 2008 Legislative Prospectus, "Kentucky 25x’25 Roadmap - Charting Kentucky’s Renewable Energy Future," the KREC Advisory Board set out an important part of its strategic vision for the energy future of Kentucky. The full 25x’25 Roadmap report (listed above) identifies targets and opportunities that can significantly accelerate the growth of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives within the state.


Kentucky Forum on Carbon Sequestration Through Agriculture and Forestry Management: Forum Summary

The Forum Summary is available as a pdf download.

KREC and Energizing Kentucky held the Kentucky Forum on Carbon Sequestration Through Agriculture and Forestry Management on September 10, 2009 at the Frazier International History Museum in Louisville. The forum presented an informative and comprehensive look at carbon policy, biofuels and potential energy crops for the state. A total of 1o8 speakers and attendees came from six states to share information and offer their expertise on agriculture, forestry, energy, research, government, business and environmental issues.



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