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About KPPC


Energy Star 2013 Award
KPPC is proud to have received
the prestigious 2013 Energy Star
Sustained Excellence Award
for its continued leadership in
progressing energy efficiency.
The Center has been recognized
as a Partner of the Year
each year since 2011.

Established in 1994, KPPC is a state-mandated technical assistance resource center. As part of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville, KPPC has the resources, expertise and experienced engineering and technical staff to help Kentucky's businesses, industries and other organizations stay environmentally sustainable and competitive. KPPC has been recognized at both state and national levels as a Center of Excellence.

KPPC engineers work with clients to provide customized technical services that help lower operating costs by reducing waste and improving efficiency.

The Center has conducted more than 700 workshops, seminars and training sessions, and nearly 37,000 attendees have benefited from these learning opportunities. KPPC's on-site assessments have helped more than 750 Kentucky businesses and organizations improve environmental performance and lower operating costs.



KPPC receives 20 percent of the Hazardous Waste Management Fund (HWMF) annually ($360,000) to provide the Center’s core services for businesses, industries and other organizations. As required by KRS 224.46-580(13)(c), KPPC submits a biennial report to the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet detailing its expenditures and results of the technical services provided with HWMF monies.

The HWMF assessment fee is authorized under KRS 224.46-580(8) and is assessed on generators of hazardous waste. In order to keep a minimum balance of $1.8 million in the HWMF, the General Assembly also authorized the Cabinet to transfer money from the Petroleum Storage Tank Environmental Assurance Fund in any fiscal year where assessment fees collected total less than $1.8 million.

Download a PDF version of the Fiscal Year 2011-2012 biennial report.



FREE - KPPC's core services are free to Kentucky businesses, industries and organizations, with funding provided through the Kentucky Hazardous Waste Management Fund.

CONFIDENTIAL - Work that KPPC does for its clients is strictly confidential. KPPC will not share, distribute or otherwise divulge any information about its clients, their activities or any on-site assessment results without the client's permission.

NON-REGULATORY - KPPC does not enforce environmental regulations, nor does KPPC provide guidance on environmental regulations or other environmental compliance issues. KPPC’s recommendations are non-binding.



Information about our staff is available alphabetically, by department or by role in our directory.



Do you want to learn more about the many services and resources that KPPC has to offer Commonwealth businesses, industries and organizations? Please contact KPPC toll-free at (800) 334-8635, extension 8520965, direct at (502) 852-0965 or submit your questions and comments about KPPC online.

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