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School Shutdown Energy Management Procedures

Broadcast Date: December 13, 2011

Webinar Overview

This webinar offers Kentucky school district energy managers and energy teams guidance on appropriate facility shutdown strategies and procedures for times when facilities are unoccupied.

School district energy managers from Christian County, Jessamine County and Mercer County share their long-term shutdown procedures for holiday, spring and summer breaks as well as their short-term shutdown procedures for weekend and after-hours. Energy and cost savings realized through shutdown procedures of key operational components such as HVAC, lighting and plug load are highlighted.

KEEPS representatives explain how resources, such as KEEPS Energy Management Toolkit 2: Assess Performance and Opportunities and Toolkit 4: Create an Energy Management Action Plan, can help school district energy management programs meet their goal of realizing year-over-year cost savings through improved energy performance.

This webinar is part of a series that facilitates school districts’ success through the Energy Star seven-step energy management process.

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Implementing Energy Management Procedures During a School Shutdown

  • Presented by:
    • Bob Valentine, Energy Manager, Christian County Schools
    • John Clemons, Energy Manager, Jessamine and Woodford County Schools
    • T.J. Poliskie, Energy Manager, Burgin Independent, Danville Independent, Lincoln County, Marion County, Mercer County and Washington County Schools
  • Duration Time: 30 minutes, 34 seconds.



Topic: Weekend and Holiday Shutdown Procedures (Bob Valentine)

Topic: Plug Load Considerations with School Shutdowns (John Clemons)

Topic: HVAC Systems Importance in School Shutdowns (T.J. Poliskie)


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School Shutdown Energy Management Strategies - Lighting

  • Presented by Ann Piechota, KEEPS Energy Manager.
  • Duration Time: 14 minutes, 12 seconds.



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Questions and Answers

  • Duration Time: 10 minutes, 45 seconds.



- What do you recommend the setback temperature should be for winter and for summer?

- How difficult was it to get your district to participate in the shutdown procedures?

- Is there a difference between weekend shutdowns and an extended holiday shutdown?

- Can you or should you shut down outside air exchange systems?
- Do they shut down automatically on setbacks anyway?

- Do district wide networks actually work well and do you have complaints compared to local control of systems?


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