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Navigating the Presentations

Accessing the KEEPS related training information can be accomplished by navigating the presentations through the use of the graphical interface with a mouse or by using predefined keystroke commands.

The presentations that make up the KEEPS training modules were authored in Microsoft® PowerPoint® and have been produced using Adobe Presenter.  Adobe Presenter leverages the accessibility of the Adobe Flash Player by making content available via screen access technologies.  Navigation of the KEEPS training module can be accomplished through the use of a mouse with the graphical interface or by using keystroke commands as follows:


Keystroke Navigation

The Breeze training module presentations include a number of keystrokes to help navigate the presentation.  These keys allow all users the ability to control the presentation without relying on the use of the mouse.

Page Up = Next Slide
Page Down = Previous Slide
P = Play/Pause
S = Stop
M = Mute
V = Change View

If you are using JAWS 4.5 or later, you should turn off the Quick Keys mode by pressing Ins + N in order to use the Breeze solutions keyboard shortcuts.


Mouse / Tab Key Navigation

The KEEPS training modules have been designed to be self-directed.  In the Adobe Presenter viewer there are buttons at the bottom of the screen that allow you to play, pause, or skip forward or backward for each slide in the presentation. Selecting the “Change View” icon at the bottom, right corner of the screen alters the layout of the presentation skin to make the viewing area larger or smaller.

Breeze Presenter Viewer

The “Outline” tab on the side of the screen provides a table of contents for each slide in the presentation.

The “Thumb” tab provides a snapshot of each slide.

You can click on any highlighted selection in either the “Outline” or “Thumb” tabs to automatically advance to that specific slide.

The “Notes” tab allows you to read the script of the presentation.

The “Search” tab allows you to find key words and terms in the presentation.


The Tab key and Shift + Tab keys can be used to select each of these available options in addition to using a mouse.  Simply tab to the desired option to select it (highlighted) and then hit Enter (or Return).  



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