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Step 3 - Set Performance Goals

Step Three

The third step of the energy management process is to set achievable and measurable energy performance goals.  An energy performance goal establishes long-term energy consumption reduction targets and helps focus current and planned Energy Management Program initiatives.

An effective energy performance goal follows the "SMART" framework, which provides structure and direction for the school district with respect to energy management. As such, the energy performance goal should be:

  1. SPECIFIC: Easily understandable for district stakeholders and identifies desired results and actions to attain those results.
  2. MEASURABLE: Includes a method of measuring success and progress and how improved energy performance will be verified.
  3. ACHIEVABLE: Realistic given the school district's current administrative and budgetary priorities as well as the resources available through the district's cross-functional Energy Team.
  4. RELEVANT: Supports the school district's mission and vision.
  5. TIME-FRAMED: Establishes a specific and reasonable time frame to achieve the goal.


Step Three KEEPS Energy Management Toolkits


KEEPS Energy Management Toolkit Logo


The KEEPS Energy Management Toolkits are self-guided training modules that provide information and resources about the components of the seven-step energy management process. There are two KEEPS Energy Management Toolkits for Step 3 - Set Performance Goals. The Step 3 Toolkits include an orientation module for the facilitator who will give the main presentation as well as a brainstorming exercise to help the district Energy Team set its energy performance goal.


KEEPS Toolkit Thumbnail Toolkit 3A: Set Energy Performance Goals

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KEEPS Toolkit Thumbnail Toolkit 3B: Brainstorming Energy Performance Goals

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