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KEEPS Training System


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Welcome to the KEEPS Training System

The KEEPS Training System provides a valuable package of tools, training, coaching and expertise that help school districts implement an effective and sustainable Energy Management Program. It is based on the ENERGY STAR® Guidelines for Energy Management, which is a proven strategy to help organizations improve energy and financial performance. This strategy allows participants to take ownership of their Energy Management Program, which ensures energy and cost savings year after year and promotes a culture of responsible environmental and community stewardship.

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KEEPS provides a series of self-guided Toolkits to facilitate progress through the seven-step energy management process. The Toolkits are designed to help school district Energy Managers, Energy Team members and other district stakeholders learn the process of energy management as well as educate their school district on how an effective Energy Management Program benefits their school district and the environment. Each Toolkit includes downloadable presentations and other materials to help you understand the seven-step process.

Get Started

The seven-step energy management process is outlined below. Each step provides a link to more information about the step itself as well as the KEEPS Energy Management Toolkits associated with that step. These materials are also available in the KEEPS Toolkit Library. Return to this website often as information and materials are added and updated frequently.

The Seven Step Process

Step 1:

  Make the Commitment

Step 2:

  Assess Performance & Opportunities

Step 3:

  Set Performance Goals

Step 4:

  Create an Action Plan

Step 5:

  Implement the Action Plan

Step 6:

  Evaluate Progress

Step 7:   Recognize Achievements
Seven Step Process


For questions, submit questions about KEEPS online.

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