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NPPR Webinar - KPPC: An Award-Winning Energy Program

Broadcast Date: August 30, 2012

Webinar Overview

For the past decade, rising energy costs have been putting a strain on energy-intensive Kentucky manufacturers, cutting profit margins, curtailing business growth and prosperity, and threatening the state’s 240,000+ jobs in the manufacturing sector. This shift has created an economic incentive for energy efficiency (E2) in Kentucky where virtually none existed before with our historically low energy costs.

KPPC’s industrial and commercial clients began asking the Center for help in understanding and addressing energy efficiency at their facilities. In response, and with state and federal support, KPPC developed a number of programs to identify E2 opportunities for energy-intensive facilities and to help them build self-sustaining energy management programs.

During this webinar, executive director Cam Metcalf discusses KPPC’s nationally-recognized efforts that help Kentucky industries make significant, long-term reductions in their energy usage:

  • Kentucky Save Energy Now (Nearly 30 industrial and commercial facilities have enrolled in this KPPC initiative, which is based upon the federal Save Energy Now program)
  • Kentucky Energy Alliance (Networking and education peer group created by KPPC to bring together energy-intensive facilities to discuss best practices and lessons learned)
  • Northeast Demonstration Project (U.S. Department of Energy, Superior Energy Performance and ISO 50001)

This webinar was hosted by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable.

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Moving from P2 to E2: Source Reduction's 3 Phases

  • Presented by Cam Metcalf, Executive Director, KPPC.
  • Duration Time: 22 minutes, 38 seconds. Closed captioning provided.

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Phase 3: Production Process, and Programs to Promote: Energy Efficiency (E2)

  • Presented by Cam Metcalf, Executive Director, KPPC.
  • Duration Time: 26 minutes, 58 seconds. Closed captioning provided.

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