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KY SEN Recognition Program

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As KY SEN participants pursue their goal to reduce energy usage, KPPC will offer assistance throughout the process and mentor clients to identify, achieve and sustain savings. Serving as the roadmap for achieving and sustaining energy savings is the seven-step Energy Management Process (EMP). Participants will be recognized as they complete the EMP steps through a five-level recognition program. The achievement levels are based upon the following guidelines:


Necessary Attributes


• Sign KY SEN Pledge
• Establish Energy Use Baseline


• Institute Energy Management Policy
• Establish Cross-Functional Energy Team
• Attend Energy Management Training


• Assess Operations for Energy Saving Opportunities
• Develop Energy Action Plan (must include 2.5 percent/year minimum goal)


• Implement Energy Action Plan
• Evaluate Progress of Energy Management Program


• Develop Internal Recognition Program
• Mentor KY SEN Participants

KY SEN participants will coordinate with KPPC technical staff to evaluate their progress and determine when recognition levels are achieved. Upon completing the first KY SEN award level, the KY SEN participants will be recognized for their accomplishment and will receive the KY SEN award. Additional recognition will follow as participants advance through progressively higher levels of program implementation.

KY SEN participants who complete the first four levels of achievement and implement the level five activities are eligible to apply for the highest level of program recognition. Interested companies are encouraged to work closely with their KPPC contact and to submit a summary of their activities for consideration. [Download the PDF form to apply for level five recognition.]

KPPC will offer award recipients the opportunity to be publicly recognized through KPPC’s website, newsletter and publications, and through other media outlets. Since KPPC’s services are confidential, no information will be made public without the permission of the KY SEN participant.

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