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As part of its environmental sustainability services, KPPC's Kentucky Save Energy Now (KY SEN) initiative helps energy-intensive facilities build self-sustaining energy-savings programs using Energy Star's seven-step energy management process.  The goal is to reduce energy use in these facilities by 2.5 percent per year for 10 years. 

Through KY SEN, KPPC offers assessments, training, technology demonstrations, assistance with identifying project implementation resources and recognition of achievements.


Through the KY SEN initiative, KPPC provides:

  • Tailored technical assistance for developing an energy baseline and energy management plan, conduct energy assessments and training, plus ongoing access to an energy management expert
  • Access to proven energy-analysis software tools and other technical resources from the federal Department of Energy
  • State-wide recognition for pledge participation and achieving reported energy savings
  • Additional recognition for validated energy savings

*KPPC's services are confidential; no information will be made public without the express written consent of the pledger.


Companies that enroll in the KY SEN initiative pledge to adopt a goal to reduce energy intensity by 25 percent or more over 10 years (2.5 percent per year).  They pledge to:

  • Complete the following within 12 months of enrollment:
    - Establish an energy use and energy intensity baseline
    - Develop an energy management plan
    - Designate an energy leader or energy manager
  • Take steps to reduce energy intensity and the associated carbon emissions
  • Report energy intensity, energy use data and achievements annually to KPPC


KPPC is collaborating with the state energy office - the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence (DEDI) - on the KY SEN initiative.  Partnering organizations also include:  E.ON-US, Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC), the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Duke Energy, Big Rivers Electric, Fellon-McCord and Associates, and the Kentucky Energy Efficiency Workgroup.  The initiative will also promote and leverage the wide array of federal Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) resources, including best practices tools and assessments, software tools, training and ITP's extensive list of publications.

Enroll Now

To enroll in KY SEN, download the KY SEN Voluntary Pledge Form [PDF] and return it to KPPC. You may also discuss the initiative with one of our highly-qualified engineers by calling KPPC toll-free at (800) 334-8635, extension 8520965, direct at (502) 852-0965 or submitting questions online.

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