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KPPC Helps Owensboro Grain Company Address Energy Management


Working with the Owensboro Grain Company Soy Processing Plant since December 2011, KPPC has provided the company with utility bill and tariff analyses to help the manufacturing facility improve its energy management. On April 11 and 12, 2012, the Center also conducted customized, on-site training designed to help the team understand the seven steps of effective energy management, as outlined in the U.S. EPA's Energy Star program.

KPPC engineers provided customized, on-site training on April 11 and 12, 2012. One Owensboro Grain Company energy team member commented that the session was, "very informative and it helped me understand the challenge we faced and will face in the future."

Owensboro Grain Company on-site training

Conducted by KPPC’s environmental sustainability engineers, the session included a walk-through of baseline energy information, identification of energy opportunities at the facility, brainstorming and prioritizing actions, and suggestions for evaluating and communicating progress. The facility’s Vice President of Operations, Mark Carlisle, said, “The training provided by KPPC will help us promote energy awareness throughout Owensboro Grain Company and help eliminate wasteful practices within our organization. It was very well thought out and the KPPC staff made the mundane material covered fun and entertaining for all participants.”

Describing how the training will benefit the company, Carlisle commented, “Owensboro Grain Company has already initiated several energy saving projects as a result of the information provided during the training sessions. We are looking forward to a long standing partnership with KPPC in order to exceed our objectives of lowering energy consumption and making our business more competitive. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.”

At the conclusion of the training, KPPC presented Owensboro Grain Company with an award (Level 1) for signing the Kentucky Save Energy Now (KY SEN) pledge and establishing an energy use baseline. The company joins 26 other industrial and commercial facilities across Kentucky that have signed the KY SEN pledge, which includes a provision to reduce energy use by at least 2.5 percent/year for 10 years.

Owensboro Grain Company produces a vast array of products from soybeans, including protein meal and hull pellets for animal feeds, crude and degummed oil, lecithin, various blends of refined vegetable oil for human consumption, biodiesel and glycerin.

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