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Energy Management Process (EMP) Seven Steps

Energy Star 2013 Award
KPPC is proud to have received
the prestigious 2013 Energy Star
Sustained Excellence Award
for its continued leadership in
progressing energy efficiency.
The Center has been recognized
as a Partner of the Year
each year since 2011.

The seven-step Energy Management Process is based on the Energy Star program, supplemented with additional information tailored to commercial and industrial facilities. This systems approach will assist energy managers, facilities personnel and other Energy Team representatives in learning the process of energy management, as well as help educate their company on how an effective energy management program benefits their organization and the environment.

Each of the individual steps contains a printable version of the Energy Star Guidelines for Energy Management and additional resource materials to help Energy Teams develop and implement their own energy management program.

Many of the additional resources, including job descriptions, energy policies and action plans, were adapted from publicly available information sources. Other materials, such as pre-assessment questionnaires, lighting and plug load inventories, and shut-down checklists, were developed by KPPC energy efficiency engineers.

The seven-step process as outlined below is intended to assist your Energy Team with implementing a successful energy management program.  Energy efficiency outcomes will be directly related to the effort your team puts into this process.

The Seven-Step Process

Step One:

  Make the Commitment

Step Two:

  Assess Performance & Opportunities

Step Three:

  Set Performance Goals

Step Four:

  Create an Action Plan

Step Five:

  Implement the Action Plan

Step Six:

  Evaluate Progress

Step Seven:   Recognize Achievements
Seven Step Process


For questions or assistance, please contact KPPC toll-free at (800) 334-8635, extension 8520965, direct at (502) 852-0965 or submit questions online.

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