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CMWA Earns Highest-Level KY SEN Award for Advances in Energy Management

CMWA Earns Highest-Level KY SEN Award for Advances in Energy Management

CMWA Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Bernie Polzin (right) receives the Level Five KY SEN award from KPPC Executive Director Cam Metcalf.

PARIS, Ky. – Central Motor Wheel of America (CMWA) has earned recognition for their progress in reducing energy usage through the Kentucky Save Energy Now (KY SEN) initiative. The award was presented June 11, 2012, at the facility in Paris, Kentucky.

CMWA has been committed to environmental management and energy use reduction for a number of years, implementing many energy saving projects ranging from demand management, employee training and equipment shut-down policies to facility and equipment upgrades. The company signed the KY SEN pledge in 2010, committing to reduce energy use at their facility by 2.5 percent per year for 10 years. Since then, they have worked with KPPC engineers to strengthen their energy management program, and have been recognized at previous KPPC events for reaching the first four levels of achievement for KY SEN, including:

  1. Signing the program pledge form and developing an energy use baseline
  2. Instituting an energy policy, establishing a team and participating in training
  3. Identifying opportunities and developing an action plan
  4. Implementing the plan and periodically evaluating progress
Twenty-eight facilities from across the Commonwealth have signed on to the KY SEN program since 2010, and CMWA is the second facility to achieve Level Five status. CMWA's Environmental Activities Team was recognized at the June 11, 2012, award ceremony.
CMWA Level Five KY SEN Award

This award presentation recognizes CMWA's success in reaching the final level of the program. Level Five requires companies to develop and implement an internal recognition program for their employees, and to mentor other KY SEN program participants as they seek to improve energy management at their facilities.

Internal Recognition

CMWA’s internal recognition program is based on the ‘Kaizen’ system of continuous improvement, and obtains potential energy saving ideas from the CMWA team members. The award winning Kaizens are recognized at company meetings, prizes are awarded and photographs of the winners are displayed at this facility. A few examples of outside-the-box thinking generated through the process are past award-winning ideas of weekend chiller shutdowns, various lighting improvements including the switch to fluorescents, and installation of motion-sensor controlled lighting in low-traffic areas. These are great examples of how internal recognition and employee involvement can significantly benefit an energy management program. 


Also as part of the Level Five status, CMWA has taken steps to mentor other KY SEN companies, helping them reach their energy use reduction goals. The company participates in KPPC's Kentucky Energy Alliance meetings around the state, presenting CMWA’s energy saving success stories and project updates. The company has also signed up for the KY SEN Mentor Directory, agreeing to share experience and energy expertise with other KY SEN participants in the areas of: Lighting, HVAC, Motors, Combustion, Power Factor Quality, Chillers/Cooling Towers, Boilers, Compressed Air and Energy Management Programs.

See a video of the award presentation:

Presenting the award, KPPC Executive Director Cam Metcalf lauded the company’s commitment to long-term energy savings. “KPPC’s focus is not on seeing its clients achieve a one-time energy and cost savings, but on helping them build strong energy management programs that will realize year-after-year sustainable results. CMWA has made the commitment, and is achieving its goals of significant, long-term energy-use reductions and cost savings,” he said.

CMWA is a joint venture of Central Motor Wheel of Japan, Ltd. (CMW) and Toyota Tsusho of America (TAI) located on 55.4 acres in Paris, KY. The company manufacture steel and aluminum wheels for the automotive industry through two divisions.

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