The Center for Promoting Recovery and Resilience of Traumatized Children and Youth

CPRR Project Objectives

  1. Capacity Building: Increase the competency of mental health personnel to provide screening, assessment, and treatment of traumatized children using trauma focused intervention services.  Create a Community Advisory Board consisting of neighborhod/faith based  personnel and parents, child welfare, mental health and justice organizations that meet on a regular basis to serve in an advisory capacity to the project and promote community-wide buy in to the approach.
  2. Community and Referral Source Education: To make the community "trauma informed" through community education, with specific emphasis on understanding the needs of children/youth targeted in this proposed project in order to identify and refer children for trauma focused services
  3. Child/Youth Centered Trauma Focused Interventions: To provide trauma focused intervention services to chidden and youth
  4. Consumer Feedback and Evaluation: To evaluate the impact of the project on service providers, children and youth

CPRR Project Goals

  • 80 providers will have increased their knowledge about trauma focused services
  • 375 military, refugee, and maltreated children and youth will receive treatment
  • 40 community agencies serving children and youth will have become trauma informed

CPRR Services Offered

  • Free trauma based treatment for children and youth
  • Free community/agency trauma training

Who We Serve

This project focuses on three primary populations within the meta-context of the childhood experience of complex trauma : 1) children victimized by child abuse (e. physical, psychological and/or sexual), neglect and/or witnessing violence in the home; 2) refugee children; and 3) children of current or former US Military personnel.

The Center also provides free training within Jefferson County to anyone who is interested.

Milestones and Accomplishments

  • Four-year federal grant project funded by SAMHSA, (September 30, 2012)
  • 70 children and youth have received evidence based clinical services
  • 76 clinicians have been trained in evidence based clinical interventions
  • 24 community agencies and 482 individuals have received trauma specific training this past year.
  • A Trauma Informed Community Advisory Board has been established consisting of 45 experts that represent the following systems within the community: parents/consumer groups, school personnel, neighborhood personnel, child welfare administrators, military consultants, refugee agencies, community health care, local police department representatives, mental health and justice organizations and lastly representatives from all key stakeholder agency/programs identified within the grant.
  • CPRR co-sponsored the Second Annual Multidisciplinary Trauma Symposium.  Over 250 professionals from the community attended this day long training


Seven Counties Services, Inc.

Somali Bantu Community Association
Jefferson County Public SchoolsKentucky Youth Advocates

Home of the Innocents

Catholic Charities of Louisville, Inc.

Americana Community Center

Family Court

Kentucky National Guard

Louisville Metro Police Department
Kentucky Refugee MinistriesUniversity of Louisville Military Initiatives and Partnerships

PEACC Program

Louisville Free Public Library

Neighborhood Place

Restorative Justice

VA Medical Center

Department for Community Based Services

Family and Children's Place

The Center for Women and Families

Kosair Children's Hospital

Bingham Child Guidance Center
East End Psychological Associates

CPRR Faculty and Staff

Dr. Bibhuti Sar, Principal InvestigatorDr. Emma Sterrett, Co-PIDr. Adrian Archuleta, Co-PI
Dr. Riaan VanZylDr. Anita Barbee
Dr. Becky Antle
Jennifer Bobo, LCSW, Program ManagerMelissa Gross, MA, Data ManagerPam Ratcliff, CSW, Research Manager
Sarah Warren, MA, LMFT, LCAC, ABD, Research Assistant

ADVISORY BOARD (updated February 2014)

Carol Bartlett, Ph.D.

Director, Family Resource & Youth Services Centers Jefferson County Public Schools

VanHoose Education Center 3332 Newburg Road Louisville, KY 40218

Ph: (502) 485-­‐3703

Email Carol Bartlett

Andrea Bennett, MSSW

Chief External Affairs Officer

Kentucky Youth Advocates

Ph: (502) 895-­‐8167 Ext. 127

Email Andrea Bennett

Judith Bloor

Senior Vice President – Childkind Center

Home of the Innocents

1100 E Market Street Louisville, KY 40206

Ph: (502) 596.1217

Email Judith Bloor

Steve Bogus

Executive Director, Catholic Charities of Louisville, Inc.

2911 South 4th Street

Louisville, KY 40208

Ph: (502) 637-­‐9786 ext. 150

Email Steve Bogus

Kristin Burgoyne

Programs Director

Americana Community Center

4801 Southside Drive

Louisville, KY 40214

Ph: (502) 366-­7813 ext. 14

Email Kristin Burgoyne

Judge Joan Byer

Family Court Judge

700 W. Jefferson Street

Louisville, KY 40202

Ph: (502) 595-‐4749

Email Judge Joan Byer

Robert Clayton

Director 7PAGE Parent Consumer Group

Ph: 224-4209

Email Robert Clayton

MAJ  Bryan Combs

Kentucky National Guard

State Family Program Director

Ph: (502) 607-­‐1555

Email Bryan Combs


Lt. Thomas Dreher

Louisville Metro Police Department

Crimes Against Children Unit

512 West Kentucky Street

Louisville, KY 40203

Ph: (502) 574-­2465

Email Tom Dreher

Adrienne Eisenmenger

Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Youth Services Coordinator

969B Cherokee Rd.

Louisville, KY 40204

Ph: (502) 479-­9180 ext. 43

Email Adrienne Eisenmenger

Jane Evans

Kentucky Refugee Ministries

969B Cherokee Road

Louisville, KY 40204

Email Jane Evans

Renee Finnegan

Executive Director, Military Initiatives and Partnerships

University of Louisville

Office of the President

Ph: (502) 852-­2153

Email Renee Finnegan


Monica  Lakhwani,  Med/MAT/ESL

LEP Counselor Work Team Lead K-­‐12

ESL Newcomer Academy, Guidance Counselor

Jefferson County Public Schools

4018 W. Market Street

Louisville, KY 40212

Ph: (502) 485-­6324

Email Monica Lakhwani

Lindsay Gargotto, MSW, MFA

Athena's Sisters

CEO & Founder

Ph:  (502) 489-0956

Email Lindsay Gargotto

Melissa Hayden

Seven Counties Services, Inc.

Grant Coordinator

Email Melissa Hayden

Sharon LaRue


100 Student Services Annex

2207 S. Brook Street

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY 40292

Ph: (502) 852-­7014

Email Sharon LaRue

Edgardo Mansilla, MSW

Americana Community Center, Inc.

Executive Director

4801 Southside Drive

Louisville, KY 40214

Ph: (502) 366-‐7813

Email Edgardo Mansilla OR  Edgardo Mansilla at UofL

Sophie Maier

Immigrant Services Librarian Iroquois Library

601 West Woodlawn Ave.

Ph: (502) 574‐1720

Email Sophie Maier


Polly Mayer

Administrator, South Jefferson Neighborhood Place

Community Services and Revitalization

1000 Neighborhood Place

Fairdale, KY 40118

10200 Dixie Highway Louisville, KY 40272

Ph: (502) 363-‐1483

Email Polly Mayer

1Lt Michael McFadden

Larry Michalczyk

Social Policy Faculty

Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville

Patterson Hall

Ph: (502) 852-­7176

Email Larry Michalczyk

Libby Mills, Director

Restorative Justice Louisville

514 West Liberty Street, Suite 106

Louisville, KY 40202

Ph: (502) 574­‐6869

Email LIbby Mills

Anne Perryman

School Social Worker

Trauma Prevention Coordinator

Jefferson County Public Schools

South Central Neighborhood Place

4255 Hazelwood Ave.

Louisville, KY 40215

Ph: (502) 485-­7640

Email Anne Perryman

Brittany Priddy, LCSW

Local Recovery Coordinator

Robely Rex VA Medical Center

4010 DuPont Circle

Louisville, KY 40207

Ph: (502) 287-­4001

Email Brittany Priddy

Susan Rhema

Private Practice

212 West Ormsby Ave. Louisville, KY 40203


Email Susan Rhema

Desirea Rhodes, MSW

Service Region Clinical Associate

Department for Community Based Services

Jefferson Region

908 West Broadway 8W

Louisville KY 40203

Ph: (502) 595-­4505 ext 5138

Email Desirea Rhodes

Steve Rickner, LCSW

Youth Services Center Coordinator

Myers Middle School, Jefferson County Public Schools

3741 Pulliam Drive

Louisville, KY 40218

Ph: (502) 485-‐2167

Email Steve Rickner

Donna Russow, LCSW

Clinical Fellow & Supervisor, AAMFT

VP of Programs, Family and Children’s Place

525 Zane Street

Louisville, KY 40203

Ph: (502) 893-­‐3900, ext. 273

Email Donna Russow

Dr. Eric Russ, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

401 E. Chestnut Street, Suite 610

Louisville, KY 40202

Ph: (502) 813-6631

Email Dr. Eric Russ

Jackie Stamps

Service Region Administrator, CHFS/DCBS

908 W. Broadway, 3W-A

Louisville, KY 40203

Ph: (502) 595-4732

Email Jackie Stamps

Jannine Sayago­‐Gonzales, MA, LMFT

Director of Children’s Services

The Center for Women and Families

PO Box 2048

Louisville, KY 40201

Ph: (502) 753-­2271

Email Jannine Sayago-Gonzalez

Sherri Stephan

Director of Care Management

Kosair Children’s Hospital

610 S. Floyd Street, Suite 100

Louisville, KY 40202

Ph: (502) 629-­‐8057

Email Sherri Stephan

Dr. Fred Stocker

University of Louisville

Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Bingham Child Guidance Center

200 East Chestnut Street

Louisville, KY 40202

Ph: (502) 852-­1039

Email Fred Stocker

Robert W. Thompson

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Vet Center (of the Veterans Affairs)

1347 South Third St.

Louisville, KY 40208

Ph: (502) 634-­1916

Email Robert Thompson

Dr. Kaveh Zamanian, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Psychologist & Psychoanalyst

Board Certified in Psychoanalysis (ABPP)

Fellow, American Board of Academy of Psychoanalysis (ABAPsa)

East End Psychological Associates

6520 Glenridge Park Place, Suite #1

Louisville, KY 40222

Ph: (502) 426-­1234

Email Dr. Kaveh Zamanian

CPRR Information

Questions can be directed to:

Jennifer Bobo, LCSW, CPRR Program Manager

PHONE: 502-852-8735

How You Can Help

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  • Refer a Client
  • Make a Donation