Juvenile Sexual Offending Counselor Certification Program

What is the JSOCCP?

For over 25 years, the Juvenile Sexual Offending Counselor Certification Program (JSOCCP) has offered practitioners training and mentoring in applying the field’s growing body of knowledge.  From its inception, the JSOCCP training program has combined academic rigor and pragmatic clinical approaches to make this challenging work more manageable for staff, and to instill confidence in those who are charged with assisting youth and their families turn their life around. The JSOCCP training program has been proud to be sponsored by the Center for Family Resource Development in the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville since its inception.

Why is specialized training important?

Treatment is a key component of a comprehensive approach to management of juveniles with sexual behavior problems.  Juveniles who commit sexual offenses are a varied and diverse population.  Some youth pose a greater risk than others, some have more complex treatment needs, some are more amenable to treatment than others, and some have more supportive and stable families than others. There is now a considerable body of research that provides guidance to practitioners and policy makers about the kinds of treatment that are most effective with this population.

Who is the instructor?

  • Harold Tokle has been involved in clinical work with juveniles with sexual behavior problems for almost two decades. He has taught in the JSOCCP program for almost 15 years and has recently assumed additional teaching responsibilities for the program in 2013. Mr. Tokle is currently in private practice in rural Kentucky where he works closely with family courts, and community providers to ensure clients receive the best services possible.  Harold is strong supporter of strengthening the family component of children who are in care, as well as rigorous reunification and reintegration efforts as they re-enter their communities. Mr. Tokle considers his greatest experiences as a counselor have been seeing youth become successful adults.

If you are interested in more information about the JSOCCP or would like to register for the next institute, please go to www.jsoccp.com.