Credit for Learning (CFL)

The Credit for Learning Program (CFL) is an innovative partnership between the University of Louisville, the Cabinet for Families and Children, Eastern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky University. Child Welfare workers hired by the Cabinet for Families and Children must go through the required professional development training within the first six months of being on the job. The Credit for Learning program offers these courses at UofL, UK or WKU throughout the calendar year. These courses are graduate level courses at each university. Each worker has the opportunity to earn up to 12 hours of elective credit to be applied to their Master’s degree if they are accepted into the program. *conditions apply. The workers are required to earn a grade of a B or higher and choose to pursue their degree within 3 years of completing the courses. The classes do not follow the typical semester schedule but more of a professional development scheduling format utilized at the Kentucky Cabinet for Community Based Services.

The credit hours earned are non-degree graduate credit hours, which mean that an employee is not receiving credit hours toward their MSSW or MSW degree at that time. New or tenured employees interested in applying to either MSSW/MSW program at UofL, UK or WKU must meet the requirements for admission to that particular Social Work program. If accepted, these hours may apply toward their degree based on the individual university requirements.

The student incurs no personal financial costs. His or her tuition is paid to each university by the Cabinet/EKU via Title IV-E funds. In those circumstances where an employee leaves the Cabinet (resigns or is let go) but wishes to continue with the course, he or she may do so and reimburse the Cabinet since the Cabinet would have already paid the tuition to the Universities.

In 2012 the Supervisory series was introduced to offer additional training to the supervisors on the job. These employees are also eligible to earn master’s degree credit for the courses.

CFL Courses Offered at UofL

The Academy (Required by all new employees, 4 parts in consecutive order)

  • SW652 – Introduction to Child Welfare, Foundations: Core Principles
  • SW697 - Partnerships in Supporting and Advocating for Children and Adults in Need
  • SW663 – Enhancing Safety and Permanency of Children
  • SW656 – Assessment and Case Management of Child Sexual Abuse

Supervisory Series (offered to supervisors, 3 parts in consecutive order)

  • SW653 – Advanced Protection &Permanency Supervisory Series: Part I
  • SW697 – Advanced Protection &Permanency Supervisory Series: Part II
  • SW675 – Advanced Protection &Permanency Supervisory Series: Part III

Additional Courses

  • SW697 - Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Adults
  • SW666 – Collaborative Practice with Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services

Do you already have CFL credit?

To find out if you already have CFL credit answer the following questions:

  • Did you work for the Cabinet at any time since 2015?
  • Did you take training classes at UofL, UK or WKU?
  • Did you receive a grade of a B or higher?

If the answer is YES, you may have already gained Graduate Degree credit through the Credit for Learning Program that counts toward your MSSW degree! You are eligible to count a maximum of 12 hours towards your MSSW elective requirements.

* If you took any of these classes at UK or WKU they will need to transferred to your UofL transcript to count toward your MSSW degree. Please follow the transfer credit instructions here.

If you took CFL classes at UofL and you are pursuing your MSSW degree here at UofL you do not need to transfer your credits. The classes will already be part of your U of L Graduate School transcript.  You can view your transcript via ULink.

If the classes are not listed, please contact Katie Price at 502-852-8792.

If a student has an Incomplete or no grade from a CFL class taken at U of L (even one from long before they started the MSSW program) they will not be allowed to graduate. All classes must have a grade before a student can graduate from the Graduate School.

If a student has an F grade in a CFL class taken at U of L (even one from long before they started the MSSW program) they may not be allowed to graduate. All students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above to graduate. If the F grade is pulling the cumulative GPA below 3.0, the student will not be allowed to graduate. If a student has an F grade in a CFL class, but a cumulative GPA above 3.0, they will be allowed to graduate.

Evaluation of CFL Program

Several publications have been done on the Evaluation of the CFL program. Please see below or contact us for further information:

  • Sar, B.K., Antle, B.F., & Bledsoe, L.K. (2012). Enhancing the professional development of the child welfare workforce: Does the training method matter? Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education, vol 15, no.2 pp. 16-27.
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