The Peace Quilt: Supporting Anti-Racism Research at the Kent School of Social Work

image of Dr Moore

In the Fall of 2017, Dr. Moore, social work professor at the Kent School of Social Work, has dedicated much of her professional career to diversity and inclusion initiatives. The well being of African American faculty and students at predominantly white postsecondary institutions, police shootings of Black males, social work practice, and the African American church are considered areas of research Dr. Moore is most passionate. It is from these interests the idea of the Peace Quilt was born. Dr. Sharon Moore proposed the idea to endow a doctoral scholarship for anti-racism research.  “In this political era of anti-everything that is not status quo, I thought it befitting to establish an endowment that will encourage research that has an anti-racism focus” shared Dr. Moore.

 The Peace Quilt, a collaborative effort of Dr. Moore’s vision and the artistry of local textile artist and nationally renown quiltmaker, MJ Kinman, came to life in April of 2019. The quilt displays a beautiful white dove and olive branch in Kinman’s signature “faceted gemstone” design surrounded by quotes of celebrated anti-racism leaders Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mr. Nelson Mandela. Dr. Moore hopes to fundraise $100,000 to create an endowed scholarship opportunity for students to study and advance anti-racism research at the Kent School for years to come.

Until the Peace Quilt finds its future home, Dr. Moore and the Kent School have established a current-use, non-invested scholarship at the School of Social Work,image of peace quilt the Say Their Names Anti-Racism Scholarship. This fund mirrors in purpose the endowed opportunity Dr. Moore hopes the Peace Quilt will create in the future.

A true champion for change, Dr. Moore is living the University’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice. “It will happen!” Dr. Moore enthusiastically stated about finding a donor for the quilt. Donations to the current Say Their Names Anti-Racism Scholarship can be made at For more information regarding the Peace Quilt please contact April Waddell, Kent School Director of Development at

Special thanks to MJ Kinman for her generosity of time and materials to bring this vision to life in such an artistic display. More information about Kinman’s background and her signature diamond and gemstone quilt designs can be found at To learn more about Dr. Moore’s research and scholarly work please visit the Kent School website at