Resources and Information Related to the Russian-Ukrainian War

*The information below refers to war, and includes references to violence, racism, and religious intolerance.

The Russian-Ukrainian War is entering its second week, with Ukrainian neighborhoods and cities being devastated every day, hundereds of thousands of Ukrainians displaced from their homes, and Ukrainian civilians killed. At the same time, there have been multiple reports of  racial discrimination experienced by refugees of African, Asian, and Caribbean descent, including racial/ethnic and religious minorities being physically blocked from boarding trains transporting refugees out of the country. Below please find resources for supporting refugees from Ukraine, and also additional information about the racism some refugees are experiencing. Thank you to Professor Emi Ramirez who collected some of this information.

Resources for Supporting Ukrainian Refugees


Information about Racial Discrimination in Treatment of Refugees

NY Times Article: For Ukraine's Refugees, Europe Opens Doors That Were Shut to Others

Guardian Article: Nigeria Condemns Treatment of Africans Trying to Flee Ukraine 

CBC Article: Europe's Different Approach to Ukrainian and Syrian Refugees Draws Accusations of Racism


Emma M. Sterrett-Hong, Ph.D., LMFT,  

Licensed Psychologist 

Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion